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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Dealing with Early Dementia

  Today someone in the house wasn’t happy how her Christmas tree was decorated next I know there was no more decorations it was placed in a plastic bag. What happens when the person who had decorated the Christmas tree doesn’t remember she was the one who did it the second time around? We have a family member who is under going through early dementia no matter if you tell her she was the one who decorated the Christmas tree she will not remember. The family member wanted it to have fewer decorations on her Christmas tree and didn't like what color ornaments was on her tree. The Christmas tree that Gina had decorated beforehand felt there we're too many things going on with the tree with big ribbons. The family member thought it was too busy and distracting the way she had looked at the tree. From the moment on a person begin to age every year the memory gets worse and once the person stress themselves from their environment for a person who has been a perfectionist has al

Beef Pot Pie

Going back to our American food that we often eat on a cold winter day is beef stew made by our family member some people like it made from someone else is at Marie Callender's beef pot pie. I remember when I was young living in California there use to be a Marie Callender's Restaurant in Fremont Hub Shopping Mall located in Fremont a place I grew up as my childhood years. Even though the restaurant version no longer exist we can still purchase frozen Marie Callender's in the grocery store for our own convenience when we feel like eating it by heating it in the microwave. Although I am not living in California I was able to purchase it in S&R just like a Costco everyone shops wholesale in the Philippines we too have something like that here. Even if it is microwaveable food the meat is soft and tender the texture doesn't change at all still taste  the same.  To refer to other products of Marie Callender's click here to direct you there: https://www.mariecallende

Do you ever have someone you're talking asking what time it is?

Do you ever have someone you're talking asking what time it is?  Sometimes you come across who you're with they keep asking you what time it is and consisting looking at what time this has happened to me a lot of times either in person or on the phone. Questions I ask the person if they ask more than once: Do you have a date? Do you need to be home in a specific time? Are you expecting someone to come over? When I reply with question number 1 the person laugh at me the person say why do you say that to me if I have a date because you're always asking me every time when I am talking to you. It becomes annoying at time you feel they no longer into your conversation might as well not talk anymore on the phone. I also have someone come over your home by appointment and they keep looking at their watch to see the time. I always ask them question number 1 and they say no just my sister might look for me why I am not home yet. I always tell them why not call t

Persimmon Fruit

  Persimmon fruit from the USA is in peak season from the end of the month of September to November. Japan persimmon fruits are in season from the month of September to December. Korea persimmon fruits are in season from October to early December. Just like anyone from my hometown in California we also get the chance to eat persimmon fruits the same time of the month. Even if I live in the Philippines we also get to eat the same fruit it may just be a different texture it comes to taste maybe the same being all sweet inside. In the Philippines we also can purchase dried persimmon sold in a Hi-Top Grocery stores or in a fruit stand no matter if fresh or dried we can have it both ways. The price may be more expensive than others the price of the persimmon fruit has increased due our pandemic months and the cost of living is quite different in the situation everyone is in with everyone needing an income. It doesn't stop us to eat our yearly fruit that comes the month of November. Pers

Ginger Ale Soda

  For the ginger ale soda lovers I have something new for you to try not too sweet just the taste of ginger is what you will taste from your tongue. I have been wanting to try this ginger ale soda from Watson's made in Hong Kong often I see this when I am purchasing online doing my other grocery shopping. I had purchase this at S&R just like a Costco in California where I use to live back home. It comes package in this carton with four cans for the price of PHP 163.00 ($3.23). Note: I am not selling Watson's Ginger Ale Soda just wanted to try their product love drinking ginger ale. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.

Ore Ida Bagel Bites Pizza

I am sure when we're young we love to eat microwave food easy to do just open the box and place in the microwave or toaster oven. No matter what age we fall from we love to snack on or eat it as our main meal we have something that becomes convenience to us to when we feel to eat something assessable to our needs. Hunger strike us we want to do something quick to get the dizzy feeling and ready to do our home work or other activities on the side while waiting for our food to be cooked. I love when these bagel bites goes on sale in the grocery store in California now I get mine in S&R just like a Costco backed home with other imported goods. I had purchased using the Metro Mart application on the phone to purchase online in S&R the best part you don't need to be a member to have it delivered to your home. Payments are being made through online process in order to have your groceries delivered to your home on the same day you have made your payment. This is the great adva

Spam Bacon Flavor

  Ever since I was young I was never a fan of Spam but I have family members who love to eat it there are so many flavors to choose from not just the original flavor. You can also buy bacon flavor who love the taste of bacon for their breakfast just like in the picture with sunny side up egg. Everyone comes a point in their life when they want to cook something easy for breakfast when they are either in a rush to leave but would like a bite to eat before they begin their day off in the morning. Just like anyone living back home in California in the Philippines we can also buy Spam sold in the stores or online is all you can say I have been doing so far in my life. Spam have different prices from different seller in order to get a great deal I always try to purchase mine at Shopee per can is PHP 190.00. For the Original flavor that is Spam Lite that my mom loves to eat I buy it in Laz Mart there was a disappointing experience I had encountered when I had purchase it in Shopee the item w

Time to Change Your Hair Color

  It is time to think of taking care of yourself as you have been taking care of people around you and sometimes you feel that you have helped so many people end up feeling you are taken for granted. Sometimes we don't see what we do daily as a routine what makes us when we come late at night and how we feel so drained not looking at our surrounding what can change for you to make yourself happy. We tend not to see ourselves the vision we see is not how someone see us when we present ourselves. There are people around us who will not tell us up front what they see the bad and how you can change your appearances the way you talk, sit, walk and dress to make yourself completely a different person. A person who you use to be happy and content with your life as you someone see you they see your body structure is all different when you're still young you can still change the way you look in a beautiful and handsome way. It is great to know to have friends who tell you upfront what c

Stage 2: Face Slimming Strap Chin Lift V Mask Facial

  I had upgraded myself to the Face Slimming Strap Chin Lift V Mask Facial in color green that the texture was thicker than stage 1. My second week of wearing the Face Slimming Strap Chin Lift V Mask Facial it began changing my face how it had looked. I had a friend ask me what I did to my face after having a virtual call. My friend asked how I discovered it and why I haven't shared my secret. This is why I decided to make a photo album in my Facebook Page to share with everyone what can happen to your face by purchasing this product without having any surgery in your face. You will only believe for yourself if you plan to try it and see it for yourself. The instruction in other sites say you can also wear it during the day time it doesn't necessary have to be worn while sleeping. I had tried wearing it while I was watching a movie it prevent you from snacking kind of good if you plan to be on a diet. I notice one set is not enough you really need to purchase more

Stage 1: Face Slimming Strap Chin Lift V Mask Facial

During my lockdown I had notice changes on my face how it begins to sag when you begin to age from doing my own research I had discovered something on my own just to see if what they say online is really true. I think it also had to do that I had lost a lot of weight there is more skin hanging down on your face either way I am not the type who is into plastic surgery. I am not against it just not a person who wants to lie down and have to get cut open during the process. Other than that I found an alternative to make the structure of the portion of my face to change less than two weeks and soon you will see for yourself the new changes from the beginning and the end this way you can decide if you choose to try for yourself under your own expense. I had purchase the Face Slimming Strap Chin Lift V Mask Facial online at Shopee sold for PHP 69.00 ($1.38) in color pink shown in the picture. There are different types sold online just based on the size of your face and head determine which o