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TIPS: How to Place Order from Elars Lechon in Quezon Avenue

One week ago, Carmina had pointed to Mom Violy there is a place to order her lechon. Mom Violy said, let's go there one day. Carmina was able to bring Mom Violy to  Elars Lechon . The branch we went too was in Quezon Avenue which is close by. First step is to enter in their office facility to place your order.  The person inside will ask what you would like to order. Here is their price list: What they offer for Christmas in case you're interested in it. It is very easy to place your order those who are just walking in out of curiosity. Second Step: Go outside and hand in your order at the counter where you can see the lechon in front of you being chopped up on based on the weight you've made. The lechon will be placed in a box along with the lechon sauce inside an eco-bag. Mom Violy is very happy that she was able to buy her favorite Elars Lechon. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for lechon sold at Elars Lechon. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a plac

Jurassic Maki from Omakase Philippines Japanese Cuisine

Mom Violy had called up her daughter Carmina telling her she misses eating California Maki from Omakase Philippines Japanese Cuisine. Mom Violy said only if you will order Japanese food because I don't want to pay for the delivery charge just for my food. What Mom Violy doesn't know if you've purchased worth of PHP 600.00 of food by ordering in any restaurant you get free delivery charge through Grab Food. Carmina had decided to order Mom Violy's food along with our meals for lunch today. California Maki PHP 225.00 ($4.50) Carmina had tried something different for a change. Carmina had ordered Jurassic Maki ingredients are Ebi Tempura, Unagi, Salmon Skin, Cucumber and Ebiko for PHP 390.00 ($7.80). The best part is that Omakase Philippines Japanese Cuisine  separates the main ingredients and soup when you order Sukiyaki for PHP 375.00 ($7.50). All you need to do is combine everything together in a serving bowl arriving in your location still hot you can eat it right away

Pancit Palabok Bento Box from Manam

  Duty calls when Mom Violy calls up her daughter Carmina to order her some Kare Kare from Manam. Carmina is talking to Mom Violy on the phone letting her know the price difference from small and medium portion including the delivery fee and tip to the Grab rider. Mom Violy became undeceive to figure which one she prefer the most. Carmina had reminded Mom Violy in her previous order she has always purchased the medium portion. To read all about it with the Kare Kare picture is to click at my article:   Carmina had placed her own order for Pancit Palabok Bento Box from Manam for PHP 255.00 ($5.10). Pancit Palabok Bento Box from Manam comes with 2 pieces Carmelized Patis Wings. Carmina couldn't finish her food saving some for her Mom Violy to add to her meals for the week without her knowing. Those who would like to check the menu  Official Website . NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Pancit Palabok Bento Box

Selecta Limited Edition Milk Tea with Cream Cheese Ice-Cream

Few days ago Carmina had mentioned to Manang V there is a new ice-cream it is milk tea. At first Manang V didn't take me too seriously in order for her to see Carmina is not joking is to let them try it. Carmina went downstairs at the kitchen to get three bowls and an ice-cream scooper. Manang V said, what is that you're feeding us.  That is not prohibited we'll get diabetic from eating too many ice-cream. Carmina didn't listen to Manang V and went downstairs had three bowls of Selecta Limited Edition Wintermelon Cream Cheese Milk Tea Ice-Cream. Manang V was busy looking at the ice-cream by the color she thought it was mocha flavored. Carmina kept insisting it is not mocha it is Selecta Limited Edition Wintermelon Cream Cheese Milk Tea Ice-Cream. Only way for Manang V to believe Carmina is to try it and see if what Carmina said was true. Carmina had purchased Selecta Limited Edition Wintermelon Cream Cheese Milk Tea Ice-Cream from  Selecta Ice Cream  Online Lazada Phili