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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Filipino Tanigue Fish Recipe

In this recipe you can cook either using tanigue fish or boneless bangus (milk fish). You can match this with soup to combine it into one meal for lunch or dinner. In the Philippines there is not only one dish in our meal we always combine another dish for example there is the main dish and soup included with rice. If, this dish didn't have any vegetables and it was just plain fried fish than there would be another dish with vegetables. Probably you've got what I am implying to do to make a whole meal out of something to combine together. Filipino Tanigue Fish Recipe: Ingredients: 2 - Pieces slice tanigue fish or 1 whole boneless milk fish (cut to have 2 pieces) 1 - White onion (slice circle) 1/4 Cup -Soy sauce - any brand 1/2 Cup - Calamansi or Lemon juice Ground Pepper to taste 1 - Tbs Unsalted Butter (any brand) Step 1: Add calamansi or lemon juice, soy sauce and mix well Add tanigue fish or boneless milk fish Set aside Step 2: In a frying p

Vietnam here we go with something tasty to eat!

I was able to visit Vietnam with my mom in the past and was able to learn how to cook some dishes that are pretty easy to cook at first you would think it is difficult by the look but after a lot of practice you will get the hang of it and you will learn how to adjust the taste how you want it to be. No one is perfect in cooking just takes a lot of practice and everyone learns from their first experience until they have master the taste of each meal. Spring Roll: Pho Soup:

Seafood fiesta at your home

There may be some people who find Filipino dishes too heavy so I decided to add all recipes that are not so heavy on your stomach. I know there are a lot of people who love eating seafood and can't wait when there is another crab feast in your area. While it is not right for us to go out at this point in our life we can still cook it at home if it in season in your area. Shrimp Recipe: Crab Recipe:

Filipino Chayote or Upo Recipe

Filipino chayote is usually cooked with shrimp or pork combined with the vegetable in every Filipino dish there is always garlic and onion in our dishes. This is the main ingredient used often when we sauté vegetables together. Our main seasoning is Patis which is fish sauce to add more flavoring in our home cooked meals. Right now other seasoning for example Knorr broth cubes and magic sarap is not allowed to use when we cook in our home due to people who have other illness cannot be added in their meals. This takes the replacement what is not allowed to be used. My mom adds MSG in her cooking she said, it is only made of plant. In our home we are not allowed to use that seasoning as well. In this recipe you can use upo which is another vegetable we also make in this recipe. Upo Chayote Filipino Chayote Recipe: Ingredients: 2 - Pieces Chayote (chopped) 1 - Onion (chopped) 2 -  Pieces Garlic (minced) 5 - Pieces Shrimp (p

Korean Style Chicken

We often choose to eat at Bonchon that is cooked Korean style. My favorite is their fish and fries. You can choose what type of flavoring you want for your dish from soy garlic, spicy, honey citrus or crunchy garlic. My favorite is soy garlic and I can recommend their season fries. They use to serve kimchi coleslaw and fish taco but they have discontinued it in the Philippines. Fish and Chips Ala Carte 2 Pieces Chicken Ala Carte Soy Garlic Flavor Korean Fried Rice Beef Bulgogi Meal For your reference you may check their website: Bonchon United States Bonchon Philippines Bonchon Singapore

Things to do in your home

Sometimes when you are not use to staying at one place in your home you need to find other outlook to see what else can you do when you are home? I try not to think I am stranded in my own home. I try to think other things to do when I am at home. I am sure we can find other things to do beside staring at our phone and reading the news. There are so many things you can do and find other activities around your surroundings. We may learn something out of a vacation and we may find something new to do that we never knew we could. I have friends that they have no job to fall into one month of work. I was telling them think it as a vacation and it may only be temporary for the reason what is going on with this world. When we read the news there is the real and the unreal news and sometimes we no longer want to make a comment what someone post online. Sometimes you will be ganged up or people who be with you to understand what statement you have made. I decided not to do


I’ve realize even if we cannot travel for one month doesn’t mean we cannot plan our future places we would like to visit. I am more of a person who loves to think ahead and plan things ahead of time. In my way of thinking makes me get outside of the box where everyone else’s mind is somewhere else I realize why should I stop myself in sharing places I have visited or have traveled other people who may haven’t seen the places may want to travel where I have already been. Why does it have to stop us to go out explore when we feel we are all stranded called, our home? Why can’t we think of our future travel plans? Why can’t we think of places to visit when the time comes and we are given a go signal? I may be stranded where I am but one day we will be able to move on to another place and explore while we are stranded we can also think of places where we can travel in the future. It doesn’t hurt to think of places where to visit and who we can visit and spe