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Life at Age 55 in the United States

Did you know in the United States when you reach 55 years old, you're consider a senior citizen? Carmina realized being one year to become fifty-five years old she can take advantage of the benefits when you're visiting the United States. Certain stores provide a discount when you shop at their store example in Seafood City Supermarket it is 12% from your purchases on every Tuesday. Ross Dress for Less Store every Tuesday is 10% off your purchase. Basically, you can gain a pension from support from the government to apply for low income when you want to start a life living back in the United States if you wanted too without having an income. Just visiting the United States if your 55 years old has a lot of benefits that some people are not aware of for example the friends I've spoken too. Did you know you can purchase a house that is for the 55 years and up for Retirement and 55+ Communities?  Carmina's friends have been informing when you're 55 years old you can co

Employee Christmas Party 2019

We usually have a dance team per three groups this time we broke out from traditional and just dance when we wanted too. We just had parlor games for the employees. This year and any year we always have the same menu for our Christmas Party. This time it was held late and we're able to bond with our guest and family members with the employee. Musical Chairs the concept the female has to seat on the guy's lap when the music stops. It stops when there is only two female after the lap of the guy. No worries the winner is doing well. She is happy. She has money as her prize. For the employee who wanted to dance to a 70's song to impress their boss to bring back old memories. This time I didn't stress and enjoy myself from the party since I have given out the employee and their family members their Christmas gifts before our party.

Left Over Food from December

After the New Year’s Eve has ended my body feels so drain from cooking a storm for the past month. I can’t imagine myself cooking every day and have to cater to a lot of people. I feel drained from the month of December when I had cooked for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Christmas Party for the Employee and New Year’s Eve. Wow! I look at all back the food I have cooked from the old repeated dishes and new dishes I have made last year. Now, we have added leftovers from all the occasion and we don’t to eat it. But it becomes a waste if we don't. We really have no choice to eat what was served. I have found ways to eat our leftover and make a dish to something new and no one who doesn't know how to cook will know anything about it. We have a lot of left over buttered garlic shrimp, ground beef, salsa, Mexican rice, refined beans, pork barbecue, nacho chips and tortilla.  This is my favorite part is creating a new meal out of our leftover food. Why not ma

Homemade Guacamole Recipe

We don't have frozen guacamole in our grocery store. I decided to buy fresh ripe avocado and make my own. This recipe is easy to make and can be combined with tomato and onion just based on your taste buds. Or you can have it plain to spread on your sandwich or put on your taco and taco salad cup. Ingredient : 2 Pieces riped avocado  1 small tomato 1 small onion 1 lemon or 2 pieces calamansi (squeeze out juice and remove seeds) Step 1 : Slice the avocado in the middle Remove seed Remove avocado from skin with a spoon Place in a bowl Step 2 : Use a fork to mash the avocado Add tomato (optional) Add onion (optional) Add lemon juice or calamansi Mix well Tip : The reason why we put lemon or calamansi to prevent the avocado turning brown to stay it's color.

Easy Mexican Taco Cup Salad Recipe

I did more exploring for New Year's Eve I have family members who are watching on their diet and prefer to eat a salad than a taco itself. I came out buying a taco salad cup found in the grocery store. No need to heat up the shell it is ready to eat. I found refined beans in Uni Mart Grocery store. You may look for my ground meat and salsa recipe for your reference to add on to your own taco salad cup. You may also look into my homemade guacamole recipe. Just like in the picture shown I had displayed mine as you are suppose to make your own salad to prevent the shell soggy and stay crispy. This way someone can make their own salad cup on what they wanted to put inside. Ingredient : Homemade salsa Homemade Taco Ground Meat Arla Tex Mex Shredded Cheese (any cheese) Sour Cream Guacamole Romaine lettuce (wash and cut the in 2 inches size) Canned refined beans (optional) Jalapenos (optional) Hot Sauce Step 1 : In a f

Homemade Mexican Rice Recipe

This New Year's Eve I've decided to go out and explore and cook something different this year. I came across making Mexican food on my own. I've been searching in the Internet looking for the best Mexican rice to make at home in the Philippines. I had checked so many recipes and it keep asking for Calde de Tomato Bouillon. Unfortunately we don't have that where I live I went to search more to see what I can use to substitute for something that might be available for me. I read you can use tomato soup, but there are so many sugar content so I decided not to use that one either. I was thinking to myself how I can make this authentic as possible for me to make it home and still taste delicious as you are eating in a Mexican Restaurant. I decided to change the cooking ingredient to something else. I will be using fresh tomato and see who knows it would work better than what it is asking me to use. I will be exploring making my own way and see which