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Tips: How to Change Setting Who You're Following in Facebook

Mom Violy was complaining to Carmina she could not see some of my post in Carmina Lifestyle. Carmina had changed the setting on Mom Violy's Facebook account. Click on Following it will bring you here shown on the picture. Click to FEED on the arrow. Click Feed Priority place on Default shown on the picture. Go back to Following and Click Content it will bring you to Post Notifications click on Highlights. Go back to Following, Click Video goes to Video Notifications and click on All Notifications. Go back to Following and click on Live Video it will bring you to Live Video Notifications. Click on All and go back to main page should be okay. Mom Violy hasn't been complaining anymore. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Facebook applications. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Carmina's Mom Craving for Chili's Philippines

Carmina's mom has been craving for Shrimp Alfredo Pasta when in doubt your mom cannot resist eating what she is looking for her daughter begins searching online where she has seen it before. Carmina has an eye for food when mother dear is craving for certain food. Sometimes you get stressed on those days when you need to replenish your mom's refrigerator with food. Carmina's mom has no clue what she does to get what she wants to eat. As a daughter you don't complain just keep accepting all your parents request when you're lockdown for a long time we cannot do anything about just accept what your parents want. There maybe some people who think first for themselves but not Carmina she thinks what her mom wants to eat when living alone you tend to reconsider yourself in her shoes who doesn't know how to order food online. Lots of her friends have told my mom she is very lucky to have Carmina in her life a person who shoulders all her cravings and bringing it to her

Tips: Reactive New 5G Postpaid Sim Card from Globe Carrier

Carmina's mom and her daughter had renewed our Globe postpaid account for a new phone one month ago. We both decided upon upgrading our sim card to a 5g that was offered from Globe to receive it for free. Carmina's mom was waiting for the new sim card to arrive before our ECQ was posted in the Philippines due to high risk of Covid-19. Carmina's mom couldn't understand what was the delay. Carmina's mom decided to follow up on our new 5g Globe sim card and found out the sales representative who answered her calls previously forgot to input her mailing address where to have it sent. The following day the two new 5g sim cards had arrived personal delivery. Carmina's mom was confused it both looked the same not knowing which was hers.  Carmina's mom passed it on to her daughter to figure it out. Carmina had opened each package slip and found out the Globe postpaid 5g sim cards looks exactly the same only difference the 16 digit on the back of the sim card we'

David's Tea House Affordable Frozen Dimsum, Gyoza and Siopao

My mom and family love eating David's Tea House but to order their food too often can be expensive in your pocket if you'll keep ordering their food every day. Carmina found away to solve the problem by buying frozen goods that is from David's Tea House directly to those who are selling it for a reasonable price. To compare to let you understand the difference in price at David's Tea House one order of siomai that is four pieces is PHP 132.00 ($2.64) while purchasing the frozen siomai for 60 pieces for PHP 179.00 ($3.58). You can eat Frozen Pork Siomai from David's Tea House worth your money. No matter if you have money we still need to wise how we spend it on food. David's Tea House Affordable Frozen Dimsum - Gyoza white dumpling PHP 179.00 for ($3.58) for 60 pieces David's Tea House Affordable Frozen Dimsum - Pork Siomai PHP 179.00 ($3.58) for 60 pieces David's Tea House Affordable Frozen Jumbo Siopao Bola Bola PHP 159.00 ($3.18) for10 pieces David'

Buy 1 Take 1 Laundry Basket with Cover

  A family member needed a laundry basket and Carmina decided to purchase it online in Lazada while placing her order she had notice there was a sale buy one get one free. While reading the review of people who have already purchase the laundry basket giving it a high rating Carmina decided why not purchase it from  Aidenkyle  Lazada Philippines for PHP 162.00 ($3.24) not including shipping and handling. The measurements is 31cm x 41cm x 47 cm for each Buy 1 Take 1 Laundry Basket with Cover. The Laundry Basket still serves its purpose no matter what size I had received. Note: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Buy 1 Take 1 Laundry Basket with Cover from Aidenkyle just a store to purchase two pieces of laundry baskets. Subscribe @ Facebook Page Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you.

For the Fan of Barbie, Brown Sugar Taho and Milk Tea

Carmina's mom had requested for brown sugar taho with pearls but the place she had purchase for her mom wasn't able. Carmina had to think where she had purchase from her last transaction and remember it was at Serenitea where they also have Brown Sugar Taho for PHP 157.50 ($3.15). Carmina's mom would always ask her daughter if she would also like a drink to combine it to the same transaction. Carmina found there is a Brown Sugar Taho Milktea PHP 189.00 ($3.78) version that she hasn't tried from Serenitea and decided to try something new. Along with our order we had purchase Cookie Supreme Milktea with pudding for PHP 199.50 ($3.99). To read what else you can purchase at click my other stories to direct you there: Snack from Serenitea Serenitea Philippines Note: Carmina is not selling or advertising for the Fan of Barbie, Brown Sugar Taho and Milk Tea from Serenita it is just a place where I like to purchase my beverages in the Philippines. Subscribe @ Facebook Page Carm

Tips: How to Place an Order Online Through Conti's Bake Shop & Restaurant

Tips: How to Place an Order Online Through Conti's Bake Shop & Restaurant  Have you've encountered that a person will ask you to order for them? The place you normally order doesn't accept bulk orders you decide to go to directly too Conti's Bake Shop & Restaurant. There are 3 ways to contact Conti's Bake Shop & Restaurant.  Call hotline 8580-8888 Facebook Contis Bake Shop & Restaurant I find the easy way is to go directly to their website  to place my order. Step 1: Be sure to register yourself first or if you're a member click Login to proceed your order. Those who are not registering you will find it here shown in the picture. Step 2: Click Order Now There will be a list of branch you will pick the one close to your area. Step 3: Click Menu and place it in your cart and finalize your purchases. Step 4: Fill up your address information and contact number Mod of Payment I had picked COD (cash on delivery). Date to be deli