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Laughter with Mom Violy, Carmina, Ruel, Neria and Marissa

Mom Violy wanted to get a haircut from Ruel from Hairliners Salon in Ali Mall. She was saying if they are not too busy wanted to get a pedicure.  Ruel had introduce Marissa to Mom Violy who can do her pedicure. Neria had approached me saying she has no client. I was able to get my facial done while Mom Violy was busy having her beauty treatments. Mom Violy had introduced me to Marissa saying they wanted to add each other in Facebook. They had no clue how to do it. Both Mom Violy and Marissa handed their phone to me.  Ruel had informed Marissa that I am doing Poppo Live.  Marissa asked for some pointers how to use the Poppo Live application on her phone. I taught her the basics found out she is in an agency.  I don't understand why her agency is not giving her tips how to use Poppo Live.  Ruel had informed me he would also like to join Poppo Live just been so busy from his work. I told everyone to gather and take pictures together since we've haven't seen each other for a lo

Carmina's Review on ASZUNE KN95 Face Mask

Did you know when you start losing weight your face begin to shrink? Well for those who still wearing a KN95 face mask we need to find one that will fit our face. Carmina had purchased some in California yet going back to your size of 115 pounds/52 Kilos. The black face mask was too big for her face. Carmina started exploring on KN95 face mask that was one inch smaller this time she wanted a different color. Carmina discovered  Aszune Official Mall  Online Shopee Philippines selling either 50 pieces or 100 pieces per color to pick from their list prices are different on the quantity. Carmina decided upon ordering 50 pieces to check if their size would fit in her face before ordering a bigger quantity for future stock up. The colors I had purchased is Purple and Rose Brown for PHP 136.00 not including shipping and handling. Base on my photo yes it does fit my face and we can match our KN5 face mask with our clothing when you decide to dress up going outside. NOTE: Carmina is not selling