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Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights

Who is craving for Burgers and fries?   Hopefully you're into something new to eat at Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights.  I had ordered it through Grab Food application on my phone.  The following orders were as followed: Double BBQ Bacon Smash Burger requested for no sauce and vegetables for PHP 207.20 with Curly Fries PHP 169.00 plus a Red Iced tea PHP 49.00 total of PHP 425.20 ($7.59). Double Caramelized Smash Burger for PHP 249.00 with French Fries with Homemade Ketchup PHP 99.00 total of PHP 348.00 ($6.21). I had ordered myself the Buffalo Chicken Poppers for PHP 189.00 ($3.38) the serving was big. I couldn't quite finish it very spicy even if it says mild on the label on the box. I used my ranch dressing to minimize the heat coming from my mouth. I wanted to try their Apple Cinnamon Tart for two pieces for PHP 129.00 ($2.30) the apple cinnamon tart wasn't sweet something good to add vanilla ice-cream if you wanted too. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or adv

Happy 1 Year Anniversary of being a Local Guide

  Carmina is celebrating her Happy 1 Year Anniversary of being a Local Guide where we have a diary of places we've travelled and ordered food from places being lockdown in our homes for two years. Carmina started being active by adding places she had travelled in the past and where she had eaten out to show the world where we have been able to take our own pictures and videos. Google Maps will email Carmina for her monthly contributions here are sample of her yearly. Carmina's Local Guide Level 7 with 2147 Contributions and 73 Followers all from different country. Other people use Google Maps for the navigation when they are in country they live in like us we depend on Waze yet it does the same thing giving you directions from point to end. Basically you can find Carmina Lifestyle anywhere from Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram and her personal website where she is just floating every where. Subscribe & Follow @ Facebook Page Carmina Lifes

Carmina's Foodies toward Flavored Kangkong Chips

One week ago Carmina had post that Mom Violy was watching television and saw someone talking about kangkong chips. Mom Violy called up her daughter Carmina if she can look online for something similar in what she saw having different kind of flavors. Mom Violy's favorite flavor when it comes to any chips is sour cream and cheese. Carmina was able to screenshot and forward it to Mom Violy in her Facebook Messenger to decide which brand she wanted to try. Carmina made an order and placed it at  AMGMABUHAYSHOP  Online Shopee Philippines for flavors Cheese, Sour Cream, Barbecue and Spicy on Kangkong Chips. Sour Cream Flavored Kangkong Chips Cheese Flavored Kangkong Chips Barbecue Flavored Kangkong Chips Spicy Flavored Kangkong Chips Carmina's decided to give it a try and added Barbecue and Spicy to the cart at least we can try most of the flavors listed.  Sample of Spicy Flavored Kangkong Chips where you can say it is not oily and each bite you can really taste the coated flavor in

Carmina's Foodies toward Carmen's Gourmet Porridge and Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats

Carmina was reading online and found out there are other oats out in the market and went to look at her favorite online shopping w here you get tired eating the same breakfast and wanting to try different flavors, brands and a source of food that is still healthy. Carmina was able to find one store that carried a variety of breakfast food. Let me explain to you which ones they are for you to hear me out. Carmen's Gourmet Porridge Flavored Honey, Vanilla & Cinnamon sold by sachet PHP ($0.59) Carmen's Gourmet Porridge Flavored Super Berry & Coconut sold by sachet PHP ($0.59) Carmen's Gourmet Porridge Flavored Apple Sultana sold by sachet PHP 30.00 ($0.59) Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal Strawberry  Flavored sold by sachet PHP 50.00 ($0.98) Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal Blueberry Flavored sold by sachet PHP 50.00 ($0.98) Uncle Toby's Rolled Oats Quick Oatmeal Apple & Cinnamon sold by sachet PHP 50.00 ($0.98) Carmina experience trying new