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Tips: How to Check if You've Got Any Violation in Facebook

Did you know anyone in Facebook can reach a violation if someone has reported you? Or you have suspected someone suspicious in Facebook if you know someone being hacked. Do you know how to check if you have any from your Facebook account? I will simply teach you in case you want to learn how to check on your mobile device and computer. Go to Help & Support Click Support Inbox and Click Your alerts for me I have nothing, yet I am restricted from following anyone in my account. Click Report problem and choose if you want to Include in Report or Don't Include in Report. Either one you'll need to click which problem you have by leaving a message for the Facebook Team to investigate on your account. Make sure leave a link of the name of your Facebook Account giving them easier to identify who you are. It takes a while until everything gets cleared. When you have a personal Facebook Account that is linked to your Facebook Page it will reflect both accounts. Example: Articles I h
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Mom Violy Learning to Use Her Samsung A14 5g with Carmina

Mom Violy was telling Carmina she wanted a new phone and her contract from Globe will be renewed this year. Mom Violy and Carmina went to Ali Mall to check on our status if we can get the new phone that was available. Carmina suggested Mom Violy to pick a phone that she is familiar in using. Currently Mom Violy has the Samsung Galaxy A 12 she only uses it for call and text not really for photo taking. We had visited the Globe Store. Mom Violy is a senior citizen they have counters that services people giving them priority and getting a number from the security guard. Mom Violy began asking what phones are available for the brand of Samsung. May who had assisted Mom Violy gave her a list of phones that are available. Mom Violy's plan is 999 and decided upon cash out 2,400 for the unit of Samsung A14 5g.  Upon calling Mom Violy's number we found out we need to wait until March 12 to complete her full contract of 24 months or else you'll need to pay the balance. The Globe repr

LOCO Family Bundles 3 from El Polo Loco in Venice Grand Canal

Mom Violy said she is tired and no longer want to walk around outside the Venice Grand Canal. Carmina and Becky wandered around took some videos of the surrounding. Coming back to look for Mom Violy later find out she is no longer seating down where we last left her. An employee had approached Carmina saying she is inside  El Polo Loco . It was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Too early to eat our dinner yet it seems Mom Violy was already hungry. The employee had suggested to get a meal since we are a lot. I had looked which was better for us to pick and deciding what side orders to get with an option of the following from the menu given. Carmina explained to Mom Violy to pick one side dish for herself. Carmina had ordered three Spanish Rice that is one cup in the serving, one coleslaw, and two mac & cheese. The fruit salad is not sweet but was taken home by Mom Violy and Becky with leftovers as well. It was Becky's first time eating a meal using tortilla without any rice.

Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill Drive, Taguig

Becky has never been to  Venice Grand Canal Mall in McKinley Hill Drive, Taguig . The last time Mom Violy and Carmina went here was year 2019. Anyone who wants to take pictures and dine at the restaurant can just drive within your reach just located in the Philippines. There was a lot of people on a Sunday, March 19, 2023. In the Philippines Sunday is a family day where they want to bond with everyone. There is an option to ride the gondola by lining up at the booth located inside the shopping mall. We didn't have time during our visit. Mom Violy kept saying she was tired. Carmina and Becky had explored around taking a video and pictures.  Later Becky was getting tired too and Carmina went off on her own decided to go inside the Venice Grand Canal Mall next I know Mom Violy and Becky was behind her.  Carmina took some selfie photos of herself using her monopod. Mom Violy and Becky had joined me. Carmina feels when your exploring places you've don't get a chance to see take

Visit Japan with No Passport or Visa Required Through Mitsukoshi Mall

The last time Becky went to BGC which stands for Bonifacio Global City was year 2019. A location where she uses to work in a call center. There are new establishments or places Becky always wanted to enter if she had a chance to explore inside. Becky had informed Carmina if she would like me to explore with her.  I am not familiar of BGC which is a challenge on my part to see what is there. Carmina did her own research before upon entering BGC found out there is an inspired Japan Mall called, Mitsukoshi  that was developed November 18, 2022. Carmina had invited Mom Violy to come along. Sunday, March 19, 2023 is when Carmina had schedule something exciting for everyone. From what I heard inside Mitsukoshi Mall it is cold inside make sure you have something make you warm.  Carmina has informed Becky and Mom Violy to bring a jacket. Must wear comfortable shoes because we'll do a lot of walking. No need to worry there are places to seat down when you get tired. The day of Mitsukoshi th

Tenya Tempura Tendon in Mitsukoshi BGC

Mom Violy couldn't believe there was too many people at the food court inside Mitsukoshi BGC. It is our first time inside. Mom Violy was too hungry and decided to eat at Tenya Tempura Tendon . She had asked Carmina what she'll ordered. Carmina said, the chicken teriyaki bento box. Mom Violy said, she'll get the vegetable and shrimp tempura. Mom Violy was placing the order she began looking for a table for us to seat down. I had approached a person seating down in a big table to see if I would be able to be seated. I was informed they are only three people so there were three extra chairs. I sat there until Mom Violy came so I can inform Becky to seat down so once the food was ready. I can pick up the food from Tenya Japanese Restaurant. From being too hungry Carmina asked Mom Violy and Becky where our location was, they couldn't even pronounce it. 🤣😂 The food had arrived Carmina asked Mom Violy I thought you're getting the assorted vegetable and shrimp tempura ove

Frozen Mango Dragonfruit and Blue Lemonade from Auntie Anne's

  We know summer is approaching in the Philippines when you see a sign board serving Frozen Lemonade. The best thing if you don't like the pure lemonade there is a way to try with another fruit. I decided to try their Mango Dragonfruit from  Auntie Anne's  in UP Town Center. Mango Dragonfruit is on the sour side, yet it is frozen can cool you down from the climate of the Philippines. If you want the typical Blue Lemonade and Lemonade they also have it. Each mixed frozen lemonade is for 165.00 pesos ($3.06) not including vat for 12%. Auntie Anne's had samples of their new Blueberry Cheesecake Pretzel. It was good not too sweet. I wasn't really after the pretzel only wanted something to drink. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Frozen Lemonade from Auntie Anne's in UP Town Center. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Food Truck of Nathan's Famous The New York Original in the Philippines

We don't need to fly out of the Philippines craving for New York Original hotdog sandwiches.  The most popular is food purchase in a truck by ordering at  Nathan's Famous .  Those who are not a hotdog sandwich can also purchase a chicken sandwich or corn dog depending on what your craving is for that moment. Wait time is not that long for everything to be cooked for you. It is an inexpensive way to eat in your car or bring it home with you. On the photo is Chili Dog and Bacon Dog with Melted Cheese and Jalapeno Slices. Nathan's Famous also serve burger from Bacon Cheeseburger and Cheeseburger can ask for your request not adding any vegetables and sauce. Fries are sold separately. Pick either plain or adding melted cheese, bacon bits or sour cream for your topping. The first time someone had brought it for us. Last night due to traffic we decided to stop by and order our own. Just in case you need to use the restroom there is one behind the building on the second floor. Ask