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Tips How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task

Living in the world of digital creator we have a weekly assignment to accomplish. Meta gives us a challenge to complete it within the seven days. The assignment is to find new friends that will become your follower. Everyone's challenge is all different depends on your rank in Facebook. Here is an example what I need to accomplish within the 7 days. Tips: How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task There is a new system in Facebook where your followers can INVITE you to follow their friends. In Facebook you will receive a notification it is up to you would like to follow them or not. Just to let you know majority these people are only after follow to follow just to achieve their fifty followers. If you'll ask me, I'd rather pick the right new friends that have the common interest as well willing to engage in what you have post daily to build up your score in Facebook. Our comments counts when we are doing our weekly task. Other times you'll receive a list of Pend

Bulanglang Recipe

Did you know there is a difference in mixed vegetables in the Philippines?  Dinengdeng and laswa came from Ilocos Law-oy came from Visayas and Mindanao Bulanglang came from Batangas Do you wonder what the difference on each four mixed vegetables? Dinenegdeng uses fried or grilled fish Laswa uses shrimp instead of fish. Bulanglang uses fried fish, tuna or bagoong The difference in Bulanglang is the vegetables are steamed along with patoloa, malunggay, okra, eggplant, amplaya, kalabasa, string beans and tomato. Bulanglang na Gulay ng Batangas Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 Cup - Malunggay leaves 10 Pieces -  String beans (sliced) 3 Pieces - Eggplant (cut in half and sliced) 5 Pieces - Okra (cut the top and slice in the middle) 1 - Patola (sliced) 2 - Cups Kalabasa - squash (cubed) 2 - Ripe Tomato (wedged) 4 - Cloves Garlic (minced) 2 - Tbsp - Ginger (sliced) 1 - Knorr Cube (any flavor) 4 - Cup Water Patis (fish sauce) to taste Cooking Instructions: Step 1: Saute garlic, onion and ginger with

Yellow Cab Pizza in the Philippines

This is my favorite pasta from  Yellow Cab Pizza called Charlie Chan Chicken made with chicken, shitake mushroom, roasted peanuts in a spicy oriental sauce. It reminds me of pad thai but in a different way. When you crave for pasta why not adds pizza to your order the first one is New York Classic Pepperoni and Mahattan Meatlovers is all meat pizza with ham, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, salami and bacon. Your choice of pizza is from 9 inches, 12 inches and 15 inches all has different price value.