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Tips: How to Change Setting Who You're Following in Facebook

Mom Violy was complaining to Carmina she could not see some of my post in Carmina Lifestyle. Carmina had changed the setting on Mom Violy's Facebook account. Click on Following it will bring you here shown on the picture. Click to FEED on the arrow. Click Feed Priority place on Default shown on the picture. Go back to Following and Click Content it will bring you to Post Notifications click on Highlights. Go back to Following, Click Video goes to Video Notifications and click on All Notifications. Go back to Following and click on Live Video it will bring you to Live Video Notifications. Click on All and go back to main page should be okay. Mom Violy hasn't been complaining anymore. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Facebook applications. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Eng Bin Tin Chinese Deli located inside Robinsons Magnolia

  Down the road when you use to travel and have relatives asking you to bring back Eng Bin Tin Hopia for them. Just before you plan to travel Carmina prefer to make sure the stall still exist when the time comes you won't be putting stress. Mom Violy asked how much would it cost for one dozen assorted hopia. The sales person said it depends on the flavor and price since some cost PHP 58.00 ($1.12) per packages. The assorted hopia comes in a box where it is free of charge. If you plan to get the price of PHP 58.00 ($1.12) per packages can be around PHP 700.00 ($14.00). Eng Bin Tin Hopia and Tikoy is a popular Chinese Deli where other people also feel the same way. Eng Bin Tin is located on the ground floor in the center inside  Robinsons Magnolia  where the food court. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Eng Bin Tin Chinese Deli located inside Robinsons Magnolia . Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Taho Station inside Robinsons Magnolia

Mom Violy was feeling she needed a boost to put energy where she had lined up to the Taho Station in front of the  Robinsons Grocery Store  located ground floor. Mom Violy was too hungry she wanted to seat down at the table. Carmina pushed the grocery cart to Mom Violy's table for her to pay the bill. Mom Violy had the Regular Hot Taho for PHP 35.00 ($0.67). Carmina had the Special with Nata de Coco to try something different for a change. Carmina was eating her Special Taho for PHP 40.00 ($0.78). Taho Station doesn't accept Senior Cards to get a discount. Carmina asked Mom Violy how she can eat her taho so fast while it is super hot. Mom Violy already ate half of her taho. Mom Violy had informed Carmina mine is not hot. I guess being too hungry you really don't notice it. When in doubt you decide upon doing your groceries at Robinsons Magnolia and want a boost of energy try some hot taho best to enjoy it while seating down. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for T

The Story How Mom Violy Discovered Dr. Olive Skin Medica

The story goes Mom Violy has been meaning to get her treatments on her face. However Mom Violy wasn't sure who she should go to have her Botox on her face. Being unable to get the proper treatment on your face for two years you begin to notice changes on your face once we begin to age there are wrinkles. Mom Violy had called her niece Dr. Marie and she had recommended her friend Dr. Olive that was within her area. Mom Violy had schedule herself with Dr. Olive through her assistant. Mom Violy had informed Carmina to check where Dr. Olive Skin Medica  was located to make sure she won't get lost getting there. Carmina wasn't worried because we can use Google Maps to reach the location even if the roads are being under construction. Upon our arrival Carmina had filled up a form for Mom Violy while she was lying down on a bed having anesthesia on her face from the assistance. Mom Violy said she had never experience having anesthesia cream on her face from other offices where she

Tips: Disconnection on Sun Cellular/Smart Phone Plans

Mom Violy no longer needed two carriers for her mobile phone. Mom Violy wanted to do disconnection on her Sun Cellular that has merged with Smart Cellular. Before upon entering Smart Branch in Ali Mall the security guard will ask you to fill up a form on the tablet giving the following information. Full Name Address Mobile Number for the Account Information on Covid You'll be asked to seat down and wait until they call up your name to be attended with one of the sales representative. Watch and see how many minutes we had to wait until Mom Violy's name was called up. Mom Violy will be disconnecting her contract and was able to do it in person by handing a identification card and a copy of your statement. The sales representative will look it up in their system and will inform you how much it will be for example Mom Violy had four months remaining and she had to also pay for the handset she had purchased from her current plan. The sales representative will fill up a disconnection

Mom Violy's Favorite Restaurant is Cafe Adriatico

It has been two years since Mom Violy was able to enter and dine inside Cafe Adriatico located near Gateway Mall in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. Mom Violy was able to talk to Gerard our server how has the restaurant been doing during the pandemic. We learn everyone has suffered from the pandemic and they are still trying to break even with their sales. Everyone who has a business is all going through a rough time. The best part we can go back to dine in at Cafe Adriatico to eat Mom Violy's favorite served with mushrooms, gravy, mixed vegetables and white rice. Carmina was able to try something new the Norwegian Salmon served with mixed vegetables by picking either rice or mashed potato. Carmina had requested for the mashed potato for her meal. Carmina asked Gerard if they deliver food. Gerard said yes they have Food Panda  where you can place your order to be delivered to your location. Food Panda Mom Violy's Fillet Mignon is PHP 735.00 ($14.13) and Norwegian Salmon is PHP