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Easy Carrot Fries Recipe for Air Fryer

People say carrots are for rabbits.  Carmina decided to make her carrots the healthy way. Easy Carrots Fries for Air Fryer Ingredients: 2 - Pieces of Carrots (washed, peel and slice into thin slices) Olive Oil Garlic Powder Preparing: Add the olive oil and garlic powder let it sit for twenty minutes to absorb on both sides of the carrots. Cooking: Place it on your tray of your air fryer making sure there is space.  Cook in the setting what is instructed for fries. I cooked mine for ten minutes no need to turn it over. I had to use the air fryer two times since there wasn't room to fill the whole tray. Dipping Sauce: Honestly, I prefer ranch dressing since didn't have it available just used ketchup of course depending on your preference. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for ingredients to make carrot fries. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Zamboanga's Famous Dessert Knicker Bocker and Limited Time Offer of El Coco Melon from Dolce de Manila

Too humid in the Philippines need something to cool you down a bit since we are unable to fly to Zamboanga to try their well known dessert called Knicker Bocker ingredients are fresh fruits, jellies, tapioca, sweetened milk and with strawberry ice cream on top. Usually in the Philippines we eat something that has fresh fruits is something we call fruit salad but have you ever tried it with ice cream well Carmina has never tried it either. She decided to order it from Dolce de Manila through Grab application on her phone. It says there is a Limited Time Offer El Coco Melon has the following ingredients shredded melon, watermelon, nata de coco, tapioca, sweetened milk and buko melon ice cream for PHP 130.00 ($2.60). I figured it is my chance to try it before it is off season in Dolce de Manila. I had ordered a 16 ounce since I wasn't sure whether I can finish it or not since I had purchase Knicker Bocker for PHP 110.00 ($2.20) the same time. Hey even if the Grab rider warn me it woul

Dunkin' Donuts in the Philippines

Dunkin Donuts doesn't only make donuts but they also have breakfast sandwiches for those who don't feel like eating something sweet. Long time ago my mom was the one who introduce me to the Ham & Cheese Croissant when we use to go shopping picking me up early in the morning. We would have our breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts. My mom had informed me her cousin Tita Pera had introduce her to the Ham & Cheese Croissant every time they went out to accompany her cousin to do some errands. Too bad Tita Pera is in heaven and when we eat the Ham & Cheese Croissant it reminds my mom of her cousin who passed away years ago. Ham & Cheese Croissant is just a basic sandwich for PHP 85.00 ($1.70). I had ordered Passion Fruit Tea, but the branch I had placed my order said it wasn't available and went ahead to try their Mango Fruit Tea that had some pearl inside with mango flavor inside. Remember to stir the drink all the flavoring in the bottom of the cup for PHP 100.00 ($2

Lychee Fruit Tea from Tea Little Pigs

  Carmina is trying to beat the heat in the Philippines rather than going toward drinking milk tea she went on trying some flavored tea. Carmina had looked under Grab an application she uses often during her pandemic to be able to find something she has in mind to drink on a humid weather. Carmina found Tea Little Pigs and had ordered a Lychee Fruit Tea one of her favorite fruit that had a combo with twister fries flavored BBQ for PHP 228.00 ($4.56) since it is merienda time (snack). Family member wanted to try their Taiwanese Chicken Bites Meal Combo with Lychee Fruit Tea and Classic BBQ Fries for PHP 267.00 ($5.34) one of the drinks is already in the picture on the top. Family member just wanted to try their Potato Slices BBQ flavored for PHP 124.00 ($2.48). Highlight of our meal is that the curly fries, fries and potato slices were able to maintain its flavored being delivered to our location while being humid in the Philippines. Lychee Fruit Tea was refreshing and gave the flavored

Do you remember Bazooka Bubble Gum?

  Do you remember Bazooka Bubble Gum? Growing up in California I remember we loved having Bazooka Bubble Gum and we had always looked forward to read the cartoon script that was inside the wrapper. We always had parents who always tell us not to swallow your gum or else something would happen to our stomach. I remember I had friends who would swallow their Bazooka Bubble Gum and nothing really happened to them. Although we have people who don't throw it away in the proper place they spit it out in the public area having bubble gum in your shoes or worse is stuck on your own hair. Otherwise chewing Bazooka Bubble Gum was a favorite of mine and brought back my childhood memories we use the white wrapper in our pocket when we're done we can place the Bazooka Bubble Gum inside and throw it away in the trash can. Carmina was able to find Bazooka Bubble Gum from  Captain's Candy  Online Shopee Philippines for PHP 79.00 ($1.78) for six pieces that has been repacked not including s

Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Cookies made in USA

  During my food ventures a seller asked if there was a specific childhood snack I was aiming that I haven't found. I had mentioned my favorite Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Cookies. Three months later Captain's Candy had informed me they have Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Cookies available. The first thing I asked if they had a way to prevent the chocolate to get melted during the process being handed over to the courier before it would reach to me. Due it is summer in the Philippines I don't want to have my cookies melted. I was informed  Captain's Candy  Online Shopee Philippines will place it in a insulation and put it in a cardboard box to prevent melting. I went ahead and finalize my order to see what else the seller had available in stock to make one transaction. I had placed my order on May 18, 2021. It was shipped out on May 19, 2021. I had received my Pepperidge Farm Milano Mint Cookies on May 20, 2021 and it wasn't even melted. It proves that Captain's Ca