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Life at Age 55 in the United States

Did you know in the United States when you reach 55 years old, you're consider a senior citizen? Carmina realized being one year to become fifty-five years old she can take advantage of the benefits when you're visiting the United States. Certain stores provide a discount when you shop at their store example in Seafood City Supermarket it is 12% from your purchases on every Tuesday. Ross Dress for Less Store every Tuesday is 10% off your purchase. Basically, you can gain a pension from support from the government to apply for low income when you want to start a life living back in the United States if you wanted too without having an income. Just visiting the United States if your 55 years old has a lot of benefits that some people are not aware of for example the friends I've spoken too. Did you know you can purchase a house that is for the 55 years and up for Retirement and 55+ Communities?  Carmina's friends have been informing when you're 55 years old you can co

5 Years Plan

You had a lot of time to think Mom Violy was telling Carmina what she wanted to do five years. Do you have an ideal where you would like to be five years? Do you know who you would like to be with when those five years arrives in your life? Have you had picture in your head what that five years plan will be in your mind? Everyone has a dream what they want to do five years from now. Though our pandemic years and talking to family and friends who are connected to us we have figure out what we want to do when that five years comes in our direction. It doesn't required any age what you have to think what goals you have for your future. Example: Mom Violy's plan within the five years she would like to establish her dream home to build something where she can produce her vegetables and fruits in her back yard. She would also like to build a fence around her home in Bulacan where she was able to purchase her own property. There are a lot that we think in our head to see what changes

Carmina's Wellness Breakfast Meal Purchase Outside

 Carmina's Wellness Breakfast Meal Purchase Outside Anyone would like to take a break from eating homemade meals cooked by your own self or Manang V. Sometimes we want to explore outside and have someone else make our food. Carmina will give you a list if we're able to order our breakfast outside our home food I particular have tried on my own. Typical Filipino Breakfast is Taho with sago and brown sugar syrup where Carmina was able to explore from variety places since we cannot buy the ones sold in the street. Queen Bee Soy Yummy We come across who become creative by adding additional ingredients to your traditional taho. Soy & Bean MiPanda Philippines To read my articles from places Carmina has tried is by clicking each links given: Queen Bee - Classic and Strawberry Taho Soy Yummy - Classic Taho and Milk Tea Soy & Bean - Ube Taho  and  Almond & Lychee Soy Pudding MiPanda Philippines - Mango Taho and Strawberry Taho Eating or drinking Taho has many ways to get you