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Yssa has Accepted New Challenge Trade 10k with Carmina in Poppo Live

The only way to expose your friends to have some experience is to challenge themselves. Yssa was able to practice sending me gifts worth 3k and 5k in Poppo Live. I wanted her to get excited receiving gifts from doing a 10k trade. I remember when I just started doing Poppo Live it was an exciting feeling to receive gifts and see it on your screen. The objects floating it is a life experience. Carmina had informed Yssa there are only two that she can picked from Love Doll and Cheers. Yssa said the Love Dolls look cute. Carmina sent the Cheers either way Yssa can see how they both look on the screen. Carmina next challenge for Yssa is to trade 20k it will increase each time. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Poppo Live application. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Chapter 13: New Relationship with Michael

Michael had invited Michelle to sleep over at his home for the remaining three days she had left before she had returned to Jack’s home. Michelle and Michael had slept in separate rooms. Michael has been divorce for 12 years and has been living alone. His ex-wife lives one block away from him having one daughter living with his wife. Michelle was able to meet Michael’s daughter Nikki who is a teenager and his ex-wife Cindy. The last night when they are alone Michael and Michelle could no longer resist each other and they had their sex and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Even though Michelle’s feelings we’re not fully transferred to Michael she felt different being with Michael he was the opposite from Jack someone she can put her heart fully to him. Michelle had to return to Jack's home the next day dropped off by Daniel. Jack was so excited to see Michelle and she didn't careless for him. Michelle did her regular routine as a live i

Chapter 12: Michelle's Bad Girl Image

Jack’s surprise is that he wanted to break off with Michelle and told her he is really confused he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend but he also loves Michelle. Jack wanted to be with Michelle but he also wanted to be with his ex-girlfriend so he was dating them at the same time. Jack was also still married to his wife Sally and never filed the divorce papers. Story goes Michelle’s revenge didn’t work as planned she ended up getting broken hearted not once but twice in a row. Michelle began being the bad girl she was smoking and drinking heavily because she felt that was the right thing to do. The job that Jack’s mom had promise never came up it was all lies and Michelle was so devastated and her world was falling all apart. Jack had informed Michelle there will be no man to love you because you are not beautiful. Jack was putting Michelle down because he wanted to hate her more and he said, it because he was also confused with his feelings. Michel

Chapter 11: Returning Back to Your Ex-Boyfriend Jack

Jack had called, up Michelle telling her he wanted them to go back with him and he already broken up with his ex-girlfriend. Michelle had this image in her head that she wanted to play revenge on Jack to pretend to go back with him because in her mind she wanted Jack to feel the kind of medicine he did to her and in order her to do that was to go back with him and give her another invitation to return back to his country. Michelle felt she had something to prove to herself and she wanted to keep that promise she made to Jack's family that she will come back no matter what it takes. Jack's mom had called, up Michelle telling her how she had missed her and even if she wasn't in a relationship with her son she still wanted her as a daughter. Jack's mom made some promise that she would have a job for her and her status would change once the company has seen her job performances and signed a contract with one another. Michelle kept away her plans from me

Chapter 10: Move On

In life when you reach to a point in your life you become drawn to a life that blinds you to reality and fantasy never play any attention to the person next to you because you have this imagine that is built in your head. This relationship can go beyond from a man or woman’s relationship and either way it affects the people around you. Steps to Move On: Set aside all photos of each other and place it in a box Set aside items you have received from your relationship Change your password in all social media, email and phone Remove him/her from your social media account including their family Transfer all your pictures on a flash drive or have it all deleted Stop posting negative stuff on social media to show your weakness to the anyone Remove all alcohol in your home  Keep yourself busy by working more hours Find a new hobby All these steps may be difficult for you in the beginning but this is to start something new and for you to be able to move forward and

Chapter 9: Time to Have Friendship for Support

Michelle always told me her relationship problems with Jack while she was in Europe and we spoke to each other every day for three months. I have seen her surrounding as we always had a video call. I was there when she was outside while Jack was working on the field for one month. I was the friend who had supported her when she had told me what she was going through but every time I gave Michelle advices she kept thinking I was being negative we always fought with each other with our difference of opinion. No matter if we always fought with each other I still kept in touch with Michelle I felt she is so far away in another country anything can happen to her. I told her to look where the police department was so in case something happen to her with Jack she would know where to run too. I always told Michelle to always have money and her passport with her never give it to Jack this way when you need to go somewhere you have your identity with you. I told Michelle to cha

Chapter 8: Break Up

Michelle and Jack had a difficult adjusting with each other being separated since they both got attached living with one another. It was a time for them to get back in track of reality if their long distance relationship would work out for them. As months has passed and Michelle went back to work as she is a freelance physical therapist she had to find new clients since she was gone for three months she wasn't sure if she would have an employer to hire her again. Jack had called, up Michelle and informed her he couldn't handle the separation and he went back to his ex-girlfriend. Michelle was devastated with the news she came to the point she felt she was killing herself she had cried and kept crying as tears kept flowing down her face. Michelle stopped working due to her emotional breakdown. Michelle never in her life felt her heart was broken apart and she loved Jack so much that it took over to get over him. Michelle had no appetite to eat and s

Chapter 7: Secret Discoveries

The third month of Michelle visitation in Europe she had discovered a big secret that was kept away from her as people around her we’re slipping the beans off the table. Michelle found out that Jack and his ex-wife Sally are not divorced and never filed their papers they just pretended to be. Jack not only had a wife and dated Michelle he also had another girlfriend he had recently rekindled his feelings with his ex-girlfriend in high school. Jack had fooled everyone as well his parents had no clue what Jack had planned all along in his head. Michelle has already deeply in love with Jack and still believes their love was strong enough even if Sally had a boyfriend so to her it seem they we’re separated from each other. Michelle and Sally got a long toward the end of their friendship. Michelle found out that when Sally was married to Jack he had fooled around during their marriage. Jack always loved stringing along other woman in his life so everyone was use to

Chapter 6: Changing the Appearance of Your Boyfriend

Michelle felt having boyfriend she is obligated to take care of him as a partner while she was living in with him. Buy him new clothes instead of wearing his old clothing he had in his closet. Buy him new shoes Clean his face Cut and clean his nails like a manicure Cut and color his hair Tell him to take his vitamin Cook healthy food Conclusion: In every relationship it is up to the person if he/she will allow themselves to be changed by their partner during their process as being a couple. In a relationship there is a give and a take process or a compromise if he/she will do it or not. Highlight: Some men like it when their girlfriend changes their new appearance because they feel that person really care how they look when they go out together. Some relationship will not last long if the guy doesn't agree with the new changes that his girlfriend wants from him it all depends on that person if they want to change their appearance. Some men are easy will go

Chapter 5: Jealousy with Ex-Wife Sally

Michelle felt jealous when Jack had a close relationship with Jack’s ex-wife Sally because he still gives her child support and holds on to her money. This is Jack’s way to keep in touch with Sally when he can still visit her and their children living with their mother. Jack and Sally live two blocks close by each other it is easier for both of them when they need to help each other raise their children together but living separate houses. Michelle felt it was strange that Jack was very close to Sally even if she had a boyfriend living with her. There was an incident it was Jack’s birthday and Michelle wanted to cook for the occasion. Michelle had informed Jack what she was planning for their family gathering for Jack’s birthday. Michelle decided to cook some Filipino dishes that Jack loved to eat. Michelle wanted to buy a cake that both Jack and Michelle liked to eat. Jack had informed Michelle that Sally will be baking a cake for his birthday. Jack informed Miche

Chapter 4: Jack’s Employment

Jack’s work is one hour away from his home. Michelle would prepare his breakfast and eat together before he left for work. Michelle would make him a cooked meal to bring to his work. While Jack was at work Michelle would clean his home do house chorus, laundry, fold his clothes and make sure he had a home cooked meal when he had arrived from work. Michelle's belief is when you have a relationship she is obligated to take care of her man to show how much she loves him in respect she hopes he would do the same in their relationship. Michelle took over his home just like having a future wife to come home too. Sometimes Jack will bring Michelle to the work site when he needs to be out of town he doesn’t want to leave her alone in his home. There have been several incidents Michelle had to stay inside Jack’s company car while he was on the field for eight hours: Jack didn’t provide any restroom or a place for Michelle to stay while he was off working and

Chapter 3: Live In Relationship in Europe

Three months later Jack had sent an invitation for Michelle to live with him in his home in Europe to get to know him and his family in order for them to get married. Michelle’s visa was approved for three months and she stayed in his home as promised. They had slept in the same room. Michelle and Jack had an agreement while she is living with him he would provide food allowance during her stay. Live In Relationship: When you start living with a stranger you get to know that person more you get to see the real person in them compared to the person you have dated. Your view is different when you live with each other you get to see their good and bad habits the way they live compared to you. You start to agree and disagree from things you see surrounded in their homes. Having a woman in your home she will tend to change their surroundings around to make it just like her home. Some men need their space and don’t want to feel that their new live in has taken over his u

Chapter 2: Getting to know the Parents

Michelle’s had arrived and Jack’s family had a welcome barbecue party held at their backyard. Michelle was able to meet Jack’s parents they loved Michelle just like having their own daughter. Michelle met Jack's brother, Aunt and Uncle's all at the same time. Jack parents liked Michelle because she took care of them and showed she cared for them way in showing her appreciation by being who she is. Michelle loved to cook for Jack's parents and his ex-wife and children. Michelle got along with everyone and became a part of the family right away. Michelle became close to Jack’s ex-wife and their children together. Conclusion: When you are in love you go far being yourself and you love to take care of the people around your boyfriend family. You become the person who cares for them just like your own parents, sibling and relatives. Being in that relationship is a package deal and you assert yourself to make yourself useful by taking your generos

Chapter 1: Beginning of a New Long Distance Relationship

Michelle decided to go on an online dating site that her friends normally goes on to find a future mate to start a new beginning in their life to have a boyfriend or future spouse. Michelle had established her account and added what needs to be added to start looking for someone in the area of Europe in which she hoped she would meet someone to match her same interest. Michelle met someone online they started talking through the dating site and decided to add each other in Facebook in order to do video calls with each other. Courtship has started as Michelle and Jack was getting to know one another until they both found out they had something in common. Michelle is a freelance physical therapist. Jack is a supervisor for an Engineer for a construction company. Michelle is a single mom and has a son name David. Jack is divorce and has two children from his ex-wife. Jack decided to fly and visit Michelle only knowing each

Dedicated to My Friend

In every picture there is a story and in every relationship everyone has their own stories just like a book we read or a movie on a show but no one knows the real story until someone explains it to you. This story I would like to share is something my friend would like me to share to anyone who may be going through a long distance relationship. Someone like my friend who needs a guideline how to succeed or master their own relationship I am not a doctor who can solve your relationship but I can be a good friend to help you guide to what my friend went through her relationship and may not catch the hints right away just like my friend or you might go through denial or may have learn the hard way from your previous relationship. My friend wants to open to the world and let other people know what mistakes she had made from making the wrong decision in her life. My friend wants to catch those who fall in love too easily not to make the same mistake she has made. It to