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TIPS: How to Place Order from Elars Lechon in Quezon Avenue

One week ago, Carmina had pointed to Mom Violy there is a place to order her lechon. Mom Violy said, let's go there one day. Carmina was able to bring Mom Violy to  Elars Lechon . The branch we went too was in Quezon Avenue which is close by. First step is to enter in their office facility to place your order.  The person inside will ask what you would like to order. Here is their price list: What they offer for Christmas in case you're interested in it. It is very easy to place your order those who are just walking in out of curiosity. Second Step: Go outside and hand in your order at the counter where you can see the lechon in front of you being chopped up on based on the weight you've made. The lechon will be placed in a box along with the lechon sauce inside an eco-bag. Mom Violy is very happy that she was able to buy her favorite Elars Lechon. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for lechon sold at Elars Lechon. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a plac

Thanks for Sharing!

  I would like to thank everyone who have taken the time to read, look and watch the videos I have post in the past by sharing it on their Facebook feeds for other family and friends to see it for themselves something they also learn to explore inside Carmina Lifestyle this is the best recommendation anyone can give to let Carmina Lifestyle fly to somewhere else other than being where it is taken place. No matter if you cannot move from your home at least by someone's action your Facebook Page gets to be somewhere else for others to see who don't know who I am can be recognized by other people by its own self by clicking share to keep it inside their Facebook feeds. Our Christmas won't be the same this year but we have is memories to share from our past with this we can always look back from the moment we're together and let other people enjoy the laughter from the videos you have shared. I would like to thank you for who you are sharing them and let me see it is