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Life at Age 55 in the United States

Did you know in the United States when you reach 55 years old, you're consider a senior citizen? Carmina realized being one year to become fifty-five years old she can take advantage of the benefits when you're visiting the United States. Certain stores provide a discount when you shop at their store example in Seafood City Supermarket it is 12% from your purchases on every Tuesday. Ross Dress for Less Store every Tuesday is 10% off your purchase. Basically, you can gain a pension from support from the government to apply for low income when you want to start a life living back in the United States if you wanted too without having an income. Just visiting the United States if your 55 years old has a lot of benefits that some people are not aware of for example the friends I've spoken too. Did you know you can purchase a house that is for the 55 years and up for Retirement and 55+ Communities?  Carmina's friends have been informing when you're 55 years old you can co

Shenlida Sticky Mouse Board

  Living in the Philippines sometime you come across an animal who comes to your room unannounced smelling your breakfast on your desk when you're working. The best way to catch mice trying to steal your bread from you is placing a sticky mouse board made of paper and cut it in the middle to make two pieces than having to use only one. Of course remember to place you bait the bread that the mice wanted to steal from you this way you can catch it from coming back to you. In my picture you can see the mice was trying to escape from the sticky paper and landed on my rug a way to grab the mice to transfer back to the sticky paper is holding the rug slowly and making a way the mice lands back in place to the sticky board just take some common sense. Have a plastic bag ready to place the sticky board and mice inside by folding it this way the mice doesn't run away or goes to you. You start to experience having mice in your home you begin to be an expert how to catch them make sure th

Thai Mango in the Philippines

Giving yourself a treat once in awhile is good when you feel you deserve it on the days you feel something good to yourself. We often deserve a break from food being served in our home. There is no need to feel guilty what you eat just be satisfied in what food you decide to treat yourself for a meal this time I decided to order Thai food. I was craving to eat some noodles and it took me awhile to decide where to place my order through Grab Food. I made the right choice I had ordered at Thai Mango in Kamuning. I had ordered their set menu that came with Pad Thai, Thai Fried Chicken, Mango Sticky Rice and Tamarind Iced Tea sound good for a big treat for me. The container is cool and you know us we can re-used the item over again after it has been washed comes with a lid. Outcome the Pad Thai is mild spicy you can taste the tamarind from the sauce of the noodles with tofu and all the basic ingredients in a Pad Thai taste delicious my cravings went away. Thai Fried Chicken came with vineg