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TIPS: How to Place Order from Elars Lechon in Quezon Avenue

One week ago, Carmina had pointed to Mom Violy there is a place to order her lechon. Mom Violy said, let's go there one day. Carmina was able to bring Mom Violy to  Elars Lechon . The branch we went too was in Quezon Avenue which is close by. First step is to enter in their office facility to place your order.  The person inside will ask what you would like to order. Here is their price list: What they offer for Christmas in case you're interested in it. It is very easy to place your order those who are just walking in out of curiosity. Second Step: Go outside and hand in your order at the counter where you can see the lechon in front of you being chopped up on based on the weight you've made. The lechon will be placed in a box along with the lechon sauce inside an eco-bag. Mom Violy is very happy that she was able to buy her favorite Elars Lechon. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for lechon sold at Elars Lechon. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a plac

Purple Corn the Benefits and the Recipe

Manang V had cooked the one piece of purple corn along with the white corn for our lunch for today. Manang V said when she cooked the soup the texture of the soup became thick compared when she had cooked the white or yellow corn. Did you know that purple corn is difficult to find in the Philippines? The purple corn is available it sells fast being popular. Purple corn comes from the province of Pangansinan. The purple corn is sold for PHP 120.00 ($2.40) or PHP 25.00 ($0.50) each piece. Purple corn is healthy for you the dark color of the corn it is rich in anti-antioxidant. The reason why the purple corn gets sold easily it is good for anti-cancer and diabetes. The best thing is when you see the purple corn grab and purchase it later you will regret it being sold by someone else. Eating it has its purpose for those who want to try it. To get the recipe for the corn you can click at this link:  Filipino Corn Soup

Do you remember Kool Aid Fruit Punch?

Do you remember Kool Aid Fruit Punch? I remember when growing up the fruit punch was always served when we had a birthday party to attend soda was not the type of beverages served in a children's party. My mom use to place the fruit punch in a big glass bowl with fancy glass hanging when someone wanted to drink it the guest would pour it using a punch bowl ladle on a cart table. There would be thinly sliced oranges floating on the fruit punch. I started attending my friend's birthday party when we got older people we're spiking the fruit punch with alcohol not letting anyone know. Kool Aid has other flavors but Fruit Punch is my favorite from all. To get to know about Kool Aid click here on their website: I had purchase my Kool Aid Drink Mix from Shopee it was sold for PHP 239.00 ($4.78) for a 8 quarts all price may vary depending on the person selling it. Note: I am not selling Kool Aid Fruit Punch just went back to memory lane.

Do you want to put some spice in your life all you need is some shrimp flavor chips to munch on?

Do you want to put some spice in your life all you need is some shrimp flavor chips to munch on? In our life we need something to spice up our life than ordinary shrimp chips this time I had discovered Papatonk Crackers made of shrimp comes in different flavors of Original, Hot Chili & Lime and Seaweed from Indonesia. The taste is crunchy with loads of flavor you won't be able to stop one bag contain 40g not bad the price is PHP 88.00 ($1.76) per piece not including shipping and tip to the rider. To learn more about  Papatonk Shrimp Crackers  click the name and it will direct you to their website. Carmina Lifestyle is a place that loves to discover new snacks just to make sure I am not selling Papatonk Shrimp Crackers. I just was curious to see what the taste would be in my task it was a success it will be a new snack for me to buy in the future. I had purchased the Papatonk Shrimp Crackers from Shopee the name of the seller is Hong Kong House. Note: All prices are subject to c