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Tips: How to Change Setting Who You're Following in Facebook

Mom Violy was complaining to Carmina she could not see some of my post in Carmina Lifestyle. Carmina had changed the setting on Mom Violy's Facebook account. Click on Following it will bring you here shown on the picture. Click to FEED on the arrow. Click Feed Priority place on Default shown on the picture. Go back to Following and Click Content it will bring you to Post Notifications click on Highlights. Go back to Following, Click Video goes to Video Notifications and click on All Notifications. Go back to Following and click on Live Video it will bring you to Live Video Notifications. Click on All and go back to main page should be okay. Mom Violy hasn't been complaining anymore. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Facebook applications. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

🍀Carmina 🦋 Changed Her Name in Poppo Live

Carmina was thinking of quitting in Poppo Live. The money I had decided to donate the coins to my two friends I met inside. After I had informed Amy and Rolex they felt so sad that they won't be able to see me in my solo live streaming. I had sent them money work of 3,000 through trade which was the watch while they had hosted their own party or attended one. I had informed Amy and Rolex that they can still communicate with me in Facebook Messenger where I am mostly active inside. After few days later I decided to stick around in Poppo Live use the points I have saved up withdraw and put in my GCASH. I will use the money to send Stars to my Carmina LS account to those who I have watched their reels. I decided not to close my account in Poppo Live. I will not renew my VIP. I don't have time to catch fireworks. Lately Poppo Live keep telling me that there is a problem with my internet cannot connect. Some reason I no longer see the fireworks and I can only hear it by sound.  I am

Watermelon Fruit Jelly with Lychee Recipe

Carmina notice in the Philippines the weather climate is changing. People say when it is hot a way to cool us down is to drink something refreshing. I didn't quite have any fresh fruits off hand. Although I did have some watermelon fruit jelly that I had purchased recently placing in the refrigerator.  I had a canned of lychee. I was planning to make something else with it. I didn't have all the ingredients I wanted to make.  I made some ice place in the freezer in order for me to create a new recipe for myself. Watermelon Fruit Jelly with Lychee Recipe Ingredients: 1 - Pack of Watermelon Fruit Jelly (any brand) 1- Can of Lychee with syrup (any brand) Ice Preparing: All you need to do is add all ingredients in a drinking glass by add three pieces of watermelon fruit jelly by removing it out of the container, add three pieces of lychee, ice and repeat the same ingredients by layering it on top complete your drinking glass. The last step is pouring the lychee syrup and eat it wit