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TIPS: How to Place Order from Elars Lechon in Quezon Avenue

One week ago, Carmina had pointed to Mom Violy there is a place to order her lechon. Mom Violy said, let's go there one day. Carmina was able to bring Mom Violy to  Elars Lechon . The branch we went too was in Quezon Avenue which is close by. First step is to enter in their office facility to place your order.  The person inside will ask what you would like to order. Here is their price list: What they offer for Christmas in case you're interested in it. It is very easy to place your order those who are just walking in out of curiosity. Second Step: Go outside and hand in your order at the counter where you can see the lechon in front of you being chopped up on based on the weight you've made. The lechon will be placed in a box along with the lechon sauce inside an eco-bag. Mom Violy is very happy that she was able to buy her favorite Elars Lechon. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for lechon sold at Elars Lechon. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a plac

Carmina's Review on BES Bundle #1 at Bes House of Chicken for PHP 500.00

To feed a family you can decide upon ordering the BES Bundle #1 at Bes House of Chicken for PHP 500.00 ($9.80). Anyone who is into Herb Roasted Chicken can order this for their family. The BES Bundle #1 comes with a whole Herb Roasted Chicken with 2 Chicken Macaroni Salad, 2 Potato Salad, 4 Small Container of Gravy and 1 1.5L Pepsi Soda. Carmina went ahead to try their sides that didn't come with the BES Bundle #1 from Bes House of Chicken. Where you can get a Ala Carte Spaghetti for PHP 88.00 ($1.73), fries to those who want something else for PHP 55.00 ($1.08) and Eggplant and Mango Salsa for PHP 20.00 ($0.39). Someone who is in a budget can feed a family of four all you need is to cook rice at the house or those who aren't into rice can make a wrap into their herb chicken from  BES House of Chicken just paying additional on Eggplant and Mango Salsa to give you a healthy meal. The price is reasonable and the best part the BES Bundle Meal #1 is completely something Carmina ca

Carmina's Review on Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi with All Natural Lemongrass Iced Tea from VietYum Philippines

The difference eating the Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi from VietYum Philippines is the way the make your 8" inch  baguette. It is not the typical way how the Vietnamese make it. Carmina can tell by the look and the taste in how they prepare your Lemongrass Chicken Banh Mi is how a salad would be because there is additional cilantro on the top where you can see in my picture. The cucumber is on the edge inside the bread together with lemongrass chicken, shredded carrot, pickled radish, liver pate, mayo and hoisin sauce. The Lemongrass Chicken is shredded a way how you prepare a chicken sandwich at home only difference it has been marinated and cooked the Vietnamese way. Lemongrass Chicken is soft and tender with flavor of lemongrass in it where you can definitely say it is Authentic Vietnamese. All Natural Lemongrass Iced Tea came from the freezer because inside you can see ice inside the plastic container with mint leaves floating inside. All Natural Lemongrass Iced Tea is not sweet