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Cravewell 100% Freeze Dried Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch

Just out of curiosity I decided to purchase Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch. I've seen many videos floating at reels of freeze-dried fruits. I wanted to know what it would taste. I went to pick the following sold at  Fourtify Market  Online Shopee Philippines. The flavors I had picked are the following: Cravewell Raspberry Peach Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). For me the Raspberry is really sour πŸ˜–and the Peach is powder texture in your mouth.  Cravewell Apple Strawberry Fruit Crunch for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). I liked the taste of the apple and strawberry. πŸ˜‹ Cravewell Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13) wasn't my best choice. Yet the family members liked it better where we all have different taste buds from everyone else. I place all packs in a bowl for you all to see how it looked the portion are really meant for snacking. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch from Fourtify Market Online S

The Story of Chichay's Pet Supply Who Serves for Every Family Needs

The reflection what makes a difference to you by reaching out is something greater feeling grateful for what you can do to someone. Everyone has a story how they are surviving lose a source of income due to covid-19. I will be explaining a story from one of the seller whom I had purchase Quaker Instant Oatmeal Flavored Brown Sugar Made in USA for PHP 175.00 ($3.50) ten packs not including shipping and handling. Even though the item was the last piece the seller had informed me ahead of time before I had placed my order. The Story of Chichay's Pet Supply, Online Shopee Philippines They started their store last June 2020 because the person had no work due to covid-19. They began selling online on August 2020. The imported items came from the United States given by their sister to help them earn an income selling online.  The reason why their store not only provide cat and dog food it is all given by the sister. By looking at their store having a pet in their home comes with food for

Sushi Moshi Restaurant

  You’re family is craving for Japanese food but you want to try something new to explore you come up finding Sushi Moshi in Quezon City to be delivered to your home. Most of the time we just ordered the favorites among the family members when they crave for Japanese food other times I would try something new off their menu. Although we're not in the mood to try something new we just stuck to our usual order which are the following chicken teriyaki, salmon teriyaki and California maki. Chicken Teriyaki PHP 255.00 ($5.10) Chicken Teriyakidon PHP 179.00 ($3.58) Salmon Teriyaki PHP 365.00 ($7.30) California Maki (8 Pieces) PHP 258.00 ($5.16) To look what else is available at  Sushi Moshi Restaurant  is their website in Facebook. Note: I am not selling or advertising for Sushi Moshi Restaurant just decided to try their food. Subscribe @ Facebook Page Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you.

Kitchen Savory Pies

The last time I went inside Banapple Kitchen was last year near our home. I remember the creamy chicken pie we're huge would take me two days to finish it by the size. When I was placing my order through Grab I had picture in my mind how big they we're deciding how many pieces I would make my purchase. I had also ordered some new items I saw in their menu we're Pepperoni Parmi Pizza. I miss eating pizza pockets from California felt may be this would remove my cravings. The size is small you have no problem to finish it some bites. The price is PHP 100.00 ($2.00) individual piece or one box of six PHP 500.00 ($10.00). My mom wanted to try their Cheese & Mushroom Pie. My mom said one pie will be enough for me due she wanted to see how it would taste before she would want to order more to keep it in stock in her home. I miss eating pot pie from California went ahead had my Creamy Chicken Pie. I had sliced it up for you to see how each pie will look inside to give you an id