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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Mixed Vegetable Recipe

Anyone who loves vegetables will surely enjoy this dish made from home with assorted vegetables eaten with fried fish, chicken or pork chop is something match up when we have another dish with our meals. Mixed Vegetable Recipe: Ingredients: 2 - Pieces Chayote (chopped) 10 – Pieces String Beans (sliced thinly) ½ Kilo – Chicharo/ sweet peas (removed sides) 1 - Onion (chopped) 2 -  Pieces Garlic (minced) 5 - Pieces Shrimp (peel, remove head and chopped) 5 - Shrimp Head  Water Patis 2 Tbsp - Cooking oil Mortar and Pestle Strainer with handle Step 1: (Shrimp water) Use mortar and pestle and place 5 pieces shrimp head smash it Add 1/2 cup water Place the shrimp head and water in the strainer having a bowl below it Set aside Step 2: In a pan add cooking oil on low heat sauté garlic and onion Add shrimp or pork  Add chayote, string beans and sweet peas Add fish sauce and shrimp water mix together Cook until chayote i

Shrimp Tempura Recipe

My family loves to eat shrimp tempura but when you have shrimp in your home why not make it cooked in your own kitchen although it can be time consuming but when you feel appreciated by who you cook for you gain some inspiration to cook for them. Shrimp Tempura Recipe : Ingredient : I kilo fresh medium size shrimp 1 package Tempura bread crumbs 2 pieces Large Egg Salt (depend on your taste) Black Pepper (depend on your taste) Cooking oil Fry pot or deep fryer Strainer Step 1 : 1.     Remove the head with a knife, peel off the skin from the shrimp and tail 2.     Slice the shrimp in the middle where the body of the shrimp curve and remove the excess dark black intestinal. Step 2 :  In a big bowl you will crack the egg whip it, add the salt, black pepper and mix well. Add the shrimp and let it stay inside until the egg has stuck to the shrimp.   Step 3 :  In a flat tray or plate pour enough tempura bread crumbs spread evenly.   Step 4 :  One by one you will add the shrim

Filipino Kare Kare Recipe

The Filipino Traditional Kare kare is made of peanut butter sauce cooked with ox tail, ox tripe, eggplant, string beans, bok choy and banana blossom. The modern kare kare is made with chicken, beef ribs, seafood or vegetable. No matter how you want to make your kare kare it will always have the traditional sauce in order to make it taste how it is suppose to be the Filipino way. Main Ingredients: 10 pcs - String beans (cut into 2 inch) 1 Small Banana Blossom (sliced) 1 - Bunch Baby Bok Choy 1 - Medium Eggplant (sliced) 1 - Medium Onion (choped) 3 - Cloves Garlic (minced) 5 Tbs - Peanut Butter (Skippy or Lady's Choice) 1 1/2 - Tbs Annatto Powder (dilute with 3 Tbs water) or 3/4 Cup - Annato Water (1/2 cup annatto seeds soaked in 3/4 cups water) 2 Tbs - Patis (fish sauce) 1 - Knorr Pork Cube Cooking Oil 1 1/2 Cup Water 1/4 Cup - Cornstarch 1/2 Cup - Sauteed Shrimp Paste Ox Tail Kare Kare Ingredients: 1 Kilo Oxtail Ox Tail Kare Kare Ingredients: 1 - Kilo Beef Tripe (sliced) Beef Sho