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Carmina's Review on Tuna San Salad from Salad Stop!

Carmina went back to eating salad where she has ordered from  Salad Stop before in the past. The serving is quite big for me. I can eat it three times. The ingredients are romaine, hard-boiled egg, seared tuna, avocado, edamame, cherry tomatoes, mandarin orange, sesame seeds, wasabi and honey soy dressing for PHP 365.00 ($6.40) not including delivery fee to the rider through Grab Food.\ Carmina's first serving was with the tuna, so it won't spoil right away with the ingredients. Second serving I added what I had in my home with canned corn and marinated artichoke hearts. Until I was able to finish my salad lasted the second day by placing inside the refrigerator. To see what else I've tried are the following: Hail Caesar Salad & Big Bird Salad Signature Salad Go Geisha NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Tuna San Salad from Salad Stop Philippines. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to navigate you to healthy living.

Takis Hot Nuts Fuego

  From being a best shopper in Shopee for some reason I get something great in return the seller who I had purchase Takis products I was able to get these Takis Hot Nuts Fuego for free.  I can say these peanuts are super spicy but you can be addicted to them keep popping in your mouth my limit is only four pieces at each time when I want to eat a snack. You plan to purchase the Takis Hot Nuts Fuego are sold for PHP 140.00 ($2.80) 3.02 oz. (90 grams). To hear the story about Takis click here to their website: Note: I am not selling Takis Hot Nuts Fuego just receive this as one of my freebie from the seller in Shopee.

Rio Cocktails Fruit Punch with Vodka and Orange with Vodka

I was able to purchase Rio Cocktails online from Shopee this time they had flavored Fruit Punch with Vodka and Orange with Vodka. Both drinks are not that strong when drinking one shot you can only taste it on the second compared to other alcohol flavor this one is mild from with whisky and brandy. I like this one the best with vodka. I can drink this alone without any juice mix together. To get to know more on Rio Cocktails and their other flavors you may read my story to direct you to the link:  

Friend Who Recommend the Chip

My friend mentioned that there is a really spicy chip than anything else in this world. I thought my friend was just joking when they mentioned it to me.  My friend told me they eat it in California and was told by their friends it is popular but there are some people who don't know it exist. I am one of those friends who knew nothing about the brand Takis Hot Chili Pepper Tortilla Chips from so many to choose from I was able to find it from a seller in Shopee that sells the product being imported. I did some research on my own and found that Blue Heat is popular guess what it is even Limited Edition. I never knew a chip can also be a limited edition product. I was very lucky to find Takis Blue Heat Hot Chili Pepper Tortilla Chips in the Philippines. You can say I get lucky when I look and discover something new. To me I am happy I get to share who doesn't know about it. You will not believe the price of one bag sold for PHP 399.00 ($7.98) 9.9oz. I realize the price is the same

El Pollo Loco

  El Pollo is one of my favorite from California where they serve grilled chicken you get to wrap it up in a tortilla along with Spanish rice, corn and salsa. I have eaten at El Pollo in the Philippines located in SM Megamall. The great part they now accept delivery in our area. I get to eat their food all over again. I had placed the order through Grab Food just in case you plan to order for yourself. The order I made was the Loco Combo Meal that comes with eight pieces grilled chicken, one choice of sides, Spanish rice and salsa for PHP 1,457.00 ($29.14) not including delivery charge and tip to the rider. Year 2014 was the last time I had visited El Pollo in California with my best friend they had a promo during that time was able to eat their salad with avocado shown in the picture below. For your reference on El Pollo Restaurant click to their website: Note: I am not selling anything just El Pollo is one of my favorite places to order.