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Tips How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task

Living in the world of digital creator we have a weekly assignment to accomplish. Meta gives us a challenge to complete it within the seven days. The assignment is to find new friends that will become your follower. Everyone's challenge is all different depends on your rank in Facebook. Here is an example what I need to accomplish within the 7 days. Tips: How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task There is a new system in Facebook where your followers can INVITE you to follow their friends. In Facebook you will receive a notification it is up to you would like to follow them or not. Just to let you know majority these people are only after follow to follow just to achieve their fifty followers. If you'll ask me, I'd rather pick the right new friends that have the common interest as well willing to engage in what you have post daily to build up your score in Facebook. Our comments counts when we are doing our weekly task. Other times you'll receive a list of Pend

Stopover at Bay 6 Street Food

Imagine yourself riding in car and your family is feeling hungry before heading back home. One family member is craving for orange chicken with rice. You have glance in front of you is Bay 6 Street Food. You decide to try it when hunger strike you look for food you see that they offer the orange chicken you have been craving. The family member decided not to order his orange chicken instead he came with Bay 6 Burger with extra egg no vegetable. Bay 6 Burger PHP 190.00 ($3.80) Family member said the Bay 6 Burger with extra egg was refreshing having a taste of basil on the sauce and burger. The second family member had ordered Poutine that is French fries with gravy and melted cheese to me it kind of look like a mashed potato version on the fries. Poutine PHP 160.00 ($3.20) Family member asked for a plain burger PHP 190.00 ($3.80). Extra French fries PHP 100.00 ($2.00) Before heading home the family members are full from eating at  Bay 6 Street Food  by checking out their menu click on t