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Carmina's Home Improvements by Adding Multi-Layer Shelf Standing Storage Cabinet Space Saving

We all know moving to a new environment is a difficult decision. When a home has been vacant for one year there are items that no longer function property. Only way to know what works and doesn't is to actually live in the home. We grow up raised to clean our homes and make it organized. Moving into a home you see things that may distract yourself by figuring out what needs to be done. Manang V had asked if she can have my kitchen table when I left the previous home. I figured the time I had assemble that old table was during my pandemic years. I decided to make another purchase for a kitchen table that is a bit taller in height. I felt having to many appliances can add on to your room. Carmina made her purchase from  Amaia Furniture  Shopee Philippines. I have made a purchase from them in the past. The type of table I had purchase in their descriptions was the  Amaia Furniture Multi layer Shelf Standing Storage Shelf Cabinet Space saving Microwave Oven Rack  for 1,320.00 pesos not

Life and Its Fishes

When we are not looking for someone comes in front ourselves and when we have no feelings for that certain person we need to say we don’t feel the same way for you. I know it took courage for a person to ask how you may have felt for that person, but you have no feelings for your friend you have known your friend so many years and you never knew that person had a huge crush with you. When that time comes across when your friend begins giving you a name and it is not what everyone calls you that your parents gave you when you’re born. You begin to question why your friends start calling you a different name and tell you because that name represents what you are to them. You begin not getting all the hints your friend keeps giving you but you know it is so wrong because you only like your friend like a sibling you never had. I am sure a lot of people have gone through this before and there has been times you feel bad you are not losing a friend but someone you’ve got use to talking w

Ginataang Langka Recipe

Ginataang is a dish cooked with coconut milk in which we call gata. Langka is known for a jackfruit it is a Filipino vegetable and it is cooked with fish, shrimp and sometimes combined with hot chili pepper to make it spicy. Ginataang Langka Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 - Fresh Langka 3 - Pieces Dried Danggit (daing) 1/2 Cup - Shrimp (remove shell, head and chopped) 3 Cups - Fresh Gata (coconut milk) 1 - Onion (chopped) 3 - Cloves Garlic (chopped) 1 - Tsp - Ginger (peel and shred) 1 - Tsp - Salt Cooking Instructions: In a medium pot pour small amount of cooking oil when hot add the garlic, onion and ginger  Add shrimp and daing Add gata Cook for 30 minutes Season with salt Ready to serve.

Takwa't Baboy Recipe

Here in the Philippines to match with Lugaw, Chicken Arroz Caldo and Goto is to combine another dish on the side is tokwa't babay which is fried tofu with pork belly served with soy sauce, vinegar and onion. Takwa't Baboy Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 Kilo Pork Belly  1/4 Cup - Soy Sauce 1 1/2 Cup - Vinegar 1/2 Kilo - Tofu 1 - Onion (chopped) 1 Cup - Water 1/2 - Knorr Pork Cube Cooking Oil Cooking Instructions: Step 1: Fry the pork belly in a pan with cooking oil after it has been cooked cut into small pieces place in a serving bowl. Fry the tofu in a separate frying pan with oil and cut into cubes place in the bowl along with the pork belly. In a small pot combine soy sauce, vinegar, water and pork cube let it boil and mix together until pork cube has dissolved. Pour in a serving bowl best served hot. Ready to serve