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Carmina's Review on Second Branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City

We have friends who love to eat out and have no clue where there are places to dine.  No problem with based on my experience we can refer them to places that are reasonable prices. Carmina had tried Sundays Cafe in the branch located in Marikina. I was informed by the server they will be opening their second location sometime this year. Few days ago, Mom Violy, Carmina and some friends came with us to see the new branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City. There is parking in front of the restaurant.  We walked in and noticed a sign saying it was a soft opening. The place was full yet they we're able to accompany us to our table on the ground floor. Someone working there gave us a tour upstairs where the function rooms to those having a party.  The restroom is unisex the first door has the handicap and two restroom doors for male and female to use. The two menus were handed to us one is Filipino and International food.  Next the utensils, napkins, glass water p

Filipino Bicol Express Recipe

  I will share with you how Manang V cooks her Filipino Bicol Express the traditional way. I also have the Bicol Express Healthy Version Recipe  you may also view it. Filipino Bicol Express Recipe Ingredients: 1 Kilo – Pork (slice 1 inch) 1/4 Cup - Ginger (peel and slice thinly) 3 Cloves - Garlic (chopped) 1/2 Cup - Onion (chopped) 1/4 Cup - Cooking Oil 6 Cups - Gata (coconut milk) 1 Cup -  Hot Chili Peppers (Siling labuyu) (chopped) 2 Tbsp - Ginger (minced) 1 Tbsp - Patis (fish sauce) 1 – Pork Cube 1 1/2 Cup - Bagoong (shrimp paste) 1/4 Cup - Ginger Cooking Instructions: In a pot pour cooking oil when hot add garlic, onion and ginger sauté a dd pork season with pork cubes, bagoong, patis, hot chili pepper and gata The gata has lessen and has thicken it is already cooked. It is best to serve hot over rice and ready to eat.  

Three Ways of Picadillo Soup Recipe

There are three ways to make your picadillo soup you can either use ground meat or substitute using corn beef and there are some people who add tomato sauce or they add other vegetables such as carrots and egg to this dish. Basic Picadillo Soup Ingredients: 2 – Potato (peels and sliced into cubes) 1 – Onion (chopped) 2 – Cloves Garlic (minced) 1 - Cup Dahon Sili (chili leaves) 1 - Cup Malanggay leaves (optional) 1 - Kilo Ground Pork (any meat) Patis (fish sauce) to taste 5 Cups - Water Picadillo de Mais Recipe Added Ingredients to Step 2: 3 Cups - Small Pouch Del Monte Original Style Tomato Sauce  1 - Carrot (peel and cut into cubes) 2 - Cup - Fresh Corn - shredded 2 - Eggs (well beatened) No Soup Picadillo Recipe Added Ingredients to Step 2: 3/4 Cup - Green Peas (frozen) 1/2 Cup - Raisins 2 - Tomato (chopped) 1 - Knorr Beef Cube 1 - Cup Water Cooking Instructions: Step 1 In a pot pour small amount of cooking oil when hot add garlic and onion sauté than add ground pork mix together. St