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DJ & A Healthy Vegetable Snacks

Carmina has rubbed on to her friend how to eat healthy snacks living in California. We come across when friends influence you to eat healthy as we begin to age you start to think how to balance our snacks. You love to eat mushroom, broccoli and potato you can eat it as a chip but the healthy version. Carmina was able to try the Original Potato Wedge kind of remind you eating a baked potato with chives. Mushroom chips are not that salty yet hard to bite into if you're an elderly.  DJ & A Healthy Snacks can be found in your Dollar Tree Store or purchase online at  DJ & A  to find out what other chips of vegetables you would like to try. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for DJ & A Healthy Vegetable Snacks. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Picture Frame

You visit a friend or family member you notice that person has picture frames in their home but you notice in those picture frames you’re not in any of them. What does it mean to your friends are you less important to them or are you consider not a circular friend? Are they proud of you or embarrassed who you are staying hidden in a photo album? What does it mean to your family member are you consider the second family who stay hidden in their past or do they even care who you are? Sometimes you come across entering a home and notice things a friend or family member doesn't recognize what is hanging or displayed in their home. Do you become less of a friend? Do you become the unwanted family member? Sometimes you wonder but when you come across it you don't feel like asking questions because you don't know how to approach it to them. What if we give them a picture of yourself with them in it in a picture frame do you think they will hang i

Putting Humor on Childhood Pictures

Out of my boredom I had teased my friends for Easter I had message them with humor by using my old pictures when I was young during my childhood. When you have food set at the table I will join you here is my picture all dress up and ready to eat. When you feel like exploring on your bike outside can I join you I will be prepared to go with my cute outfits. When you feel like going out to go camping I will also be ready to join you. When you feel like going to San Francisco, California I am all dressed up to go with you. When you plan to go dancing I am ready to join you.