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Cravewell 100% Freeze Dried Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch

Just out of curiosity I decided to purchase Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch. I've seen many videos floating at reels of freeze-dried fruits. I wanted to know what it would taste. I went to pick the following sold at  Fourtify Market  Online Shopee Philippines. The flavors I had picked are the following: Cravewell Raspberry Peach Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). For me the Raspberry is really sour πŸ˜–and the Peach is powder texture in your mouth.  Cravewell Apple Strawberry Fruit Crunch for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). I liked the taste of the apple and strawberry. πŸ˜‹ Cravewell Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13) wasn't my best choice. Yet the family members liked it better where we all have different taste buds from everyone else. I place all packs in a bowl for you all to see how it looked the portion are really meant for snacking. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch from Fourtify Market Online S

Butterball Turkey Burgers

I was looking at Metro Mart application and went to click to S&R to see if they had any new frozen meals to purchase online to do my grocery. I am not a member at S&R but through this application allows me to shop inside and have it delivered to my home. I had discovered my favorite frozen food and soon be able to write about it and explain what they all taste like being frozen sometimes you need to figure out how to cook it well enough before you can teach the people you work in the kitchen. Not many people understand following instructions this way cooking it in front of them learn how to cook a new meal for someone who will ask it in the future. To learn more on  Butterball  click at the link to direct you to their website.

Ham is Season for Christmas Holiday

  Every year someone will either buy you ham or you end up giving it away for Christmas in the Philippines there are a lot of people who prefer to receive this as their gifts. No one is bound to say no when they receive Purefoods Fiesta Ham this is one of my favorite to eat. We either eat this in a sandwich or rice no matter how you eat it we can enjoy our meal. Purefoods Fiesta Ham comes in a whole or pre-sliced. I prefer to slice my own and it comes with a Pineapple Ham Sauce in a separated pouch. For your information you can find  PurefoodsFiestaHam  in their Facebook Page. Note: I am not advertising for Purefoods Fiesta Ham.

Wendy's Chili n Potato

  I love eating baked potato and often Wendy's has it available during limited time offer might as well order before the promo ends. Wendy's use to have baked potato with melted cheese and bacon they are small serving in the previous years it use to big portion as to our life changes and the money gets greater in the expenses you pay food goes up. You can taste the chili, cheese and baked potato all in one bite for the price of PHP 121.00 ($2.42). To find the menu of  Wendy's  in the Philippines kindly click the link to direct you to their website. Those living elsewhere  here is the website for you to check in your area. Note: I am not advertising for Wendy's Chili n Potato

Ginger Ale Cranberry and Blueberry

  Choose which limited edition do you want to try from Canada Dry Ginger Ale flavors Cranberry and Blueberry this is one of my favorite soda because it has ginger has one of the ingredient. I prefer the Canada Dry Ginger Ale Cranberry it is not something I expected it is not sour or bitter with an after taste you get when you eat cranberry. If you like something sour you will enjoy the Canada Dry Ginger Ale Blueberry for your taste buds. Grab your chance to try which one suits your taste buds from the two sold at S&R and Shopee Online Shopping in the Philippines. I had purchased at  goodies4you  at Shopee for the price of PHP 56.00 ($1.12) each can. For you reference you may check your area where it is available by clicking their website: Note: I am not selling Limited Edition Canada Dry Ginger Ale Cranberry and Blueberry just wanted to try it for myself. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover