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Yssa has Accepted New Challenge Trade 10k with Carmina in Poppo Live

The only way to expose your friends to have some experience is to challenge themselves. Yssa was able to practice sending me gifts worth 3k and 5k in Poppo Live. I wanted her to get excited receiving gifts from doing a 10k trade. I remember when I just started doing Poppo Live it was an exciting feeling to receive gifts and see it on your screen. The objects floating it is a life experience. Carmina had informed Yssa there are only two that she can picked from Love Doll and Cheers. Yssa said the Love Dolls look cute. Carmina sent the Cheers either way Yssa can see how they both look on the screen. Carmina next challenge for Yssa is to trade 20k it will increase each time. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Poppo Live application. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Money Fund

Money doesn’t grow from trees when we’re little we know nothing where money comes from we only get a portion of our allowance each day from our parents. We never know our parents work really hard for the money we spend. Some people spend their money without thinking ahead they realize the money they used up from their allowance is all finished. When we’re kids we asked, to borrow money from our friends so our parents will not find out. We pay back our friends when we have sold our toys we no longer play and pay back the friends we owe. Children ask their parents if their allowance can be increased because the allowance they receive is not enough. Or they ask to help around and earn an extra income when they want to save up and buy something for themselves. As we get older and we have a job we need to divide our money to pay our daily expenses and budget our money wisely. When we have friends asking to go out and our money flow is low we make up some e