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Cravewell 100% Freeze Dried Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch

Just out of curiosity I decided to purchase Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch. I've seen many videos floating at reels of freeze-dried fruits. I wanted to know what it would taste. I went to pick the following sold at  Fourtify Market  Online Shopee Philippines. The flavors I had picked are the following: Cravewell Raspberry Peach Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). For me the Raspberry is really sour πŸ˜–and the Peach is powder texture in your mouth.  Cravewell Apple Strawberry Fruit Crunch for PHP 119.00 ($2.13). I liked the taste of the apple and strawberry. πŸ˜‹ Cravewell Peach, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Sphere for PHP 119.00 ($2.13) wasn't my best choice. Yet the family members liked it better where we all have different taste buds from everyone else. I place all packs in a bowl for you all to see how it looked the portion are really meant for snacking. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Cravewell Yogurt Sphere Fruit Crunch from Fourtify Market Online S

Pork Giniling with Potato Recipe

  Pork giniling in English is ground pork cooked with potato sometimes you see other recipes cooked with egg which we call it torta in English it is an  omelets  or we can cook it into a soup that becomes picadillo so whatever you feel like eating you may cooked it in different ways. To get the other recipes you may look at the link to direct you to the site: Torta Torta Eggplant Pork with Quail Egg Picadillo Soup Pork Giniling with Potato Recipe Ingredients: 2 - Kilos Ground Pork 2 - Potatoes (peel and slice to cubes) 2 - Onion (peel and chopped) 2 - Whole Garlic (peel and chopped) 2 – Cup Water Patis (fish sauce) to taste Cooking Instructions: In a large pot pour small amount of cooking oil when hot add garlic and onion to saute add ground pork, potatoes with water cook until potato is tender season with patis  

Pork Binagoongan Recipe

Everyone at home love eating this I am not fond of it since I am allergic to bagoong shrimp paste otherwise when this dish is cooked no one cannot resist eating it when it is hot and ready to eat match well with fried fish of your choice. Pork Binagoongan Recipe Ingredient: 2 - Kilos - Pork Lempo (slice 1 inch) 4 - Tomato (chopped) 1 - Onion (chopped) 1 - Whole Garlic (peel and chopped) 1 - Tbsp Sugar 1/2 Cup - Vinegar 2 - Tsp - Bagoong Shrimp Paste Cooking Instructions: In a pot pour small amount of cooking oil when hot add garlic, onion, tomato, saute add pork lempo, vinegar, sugar and bagoong shrimp paste cooked until meat is tender ready to serve in a serving plate.