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Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights

Who is craving for Burgers and fries?   Hopefully you're into something new to eat at Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights.  I had ordered it through Grab Food application on my phone.  The following orders were as followed: Double BBQ Bacon Smash Burger requested for no sauce and vegetables for PHP 207.20 with Curly Fries PHP 169.00 plus a Red Iced tea PHP 49.00 total of PHP 425.20 ($7.59). Double Caramelized Smash Burger for PHP 249.00 with French Fries with Homemade Ketchup PHP 99.00 total of PHP 348.00 ($6.21). I had ordered myself the Buffalo Chicken Poppers for PHP 189.00 ($3.38) the serving was big. I couldn't quite finish it very spicy even if it says mild on the label on the box. I used my ranch dressing to minimize the heat coming from my mouth. I wanted to try their Apple Cinnamon Tart for two pieces for PHP 129.00 ($2.30) the apple cinnamon tart wasn't sweet something good to add vanilla ice-cream if you wanted too. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or adv

Carmina's Review on Stromboli from Landers Central

  When you are pre-occupied and don't have that much of an appetite going toward food to fill you up in what can make Carmina full. Carmina decided to try the Stromboli that has tomato sauce, pizza cheese, onion, bell pepper, Italian meat and pepperoni. Rather eating a whole pizza you can just get something freshly baked bread roll for someone who is a light eater. Since you have so many things on your mind paying PHP 199.00 it is not a whole bad deal at  Landers Central . Carmina was able to eat this twice in one day since she had sliced it in the middle. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Stromboli from Landers Central. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Customize Your Own Cheesecake with Hayce's Sweet Fix

Craving for some cake and pastries Hayce's Sweet Fix can surely help you out. Receiving a tin container often you see in other bakeries makes your cake look cool and easy to carry along with you. Fabio Hifny is the person who had personally customized the Cheesecake asking what type of sweet I eat to go from what I love eating. My answers prove by looking at it with lots of Oreo cookies and made with peanut butter. Prices may vary due to being customized to my taste buds although you can inquire to find what matches with your own @ Hayce's Sweet Fix . Customized Cheesecake taste between a Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup with Cheesecake and having Oreo on the top it is sweet due to everything combined together. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Customize Your Own Cheesecake with Hayce's Sweet Fix. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!  

Solution Can Be Saved By Portable Urine Pee Bottle

In the Philippines we tend to go to the restroom a lot and sometimes we come by with long lines especially if you are a female. Of course we can use the portable urine pee bottle from our camping; car and so on there is no more excuse if someone invite you outside when you need to go. You can easily take it along with you and carry it when you need to use the restroom. Portable urine pee bottle is unisex sold at  Trendy Store 2018 PH  Online Shopee Philippines for PHP 169.00 ($3.25) not including shipping and handling. The portable urine pee bottle box when arriving at your location make sure you clean it with soap and water before you use it. Material is Polypropylene Measurement is Approximately 2.76 inch/ 17 cm Overall height is Approximately 6.69 inch/ 17 cm Maximum capacity is Approximately 750 ml  The Portable Urine Pee Bottle is secured and tight where it won't spill after use. Just case you have children they also sell it in animal characters giving where you can place your

Great Way to Spend with Buy 1 & Take 2 Free Milk Tea Deal

We come across where we want to drink milk tea however we're on a tight budget. Payday is still 7 days away. Being humid in the Philippines we want something to drink that is cold especially you've feel you deserve a drink among your friends. Carmina was able to find something worth the money to feed seven people from the choice of Buy 1 Take 2 Free. The selections from  EmoTEAro Milktea & Food House  in New Manila Branch f rom picking with two selections based on what flavors the six person wanted to share the expenses was Buy 1 Take 2 Free Buko Pandan Milk Tea for PHP 150.00 ($2.88) and Buy 1 Take 2 Free Cookies & Oreo Milk Tea for PHP 150.00 ($2.88). Since you only have one person left out the person decided to spend PHP 85.00 ($1.64) for a Large Strawberry Milk Tea.  Everyone who have drank their buko pandan milk tea, cookie and cream oreo milk tea and strawberry milk tea said it is not too sweet. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Buy 1 & Take 2 Fr