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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Always a Cinderella in My Life

I remember when I was in college and going out with my friends I always wore a navy blue trench coat because my mom was very strict with me. As I walked out the front door my mom always inspect the clothes I wore and she always told me to change my clothes if my skirt was too short or my blouse was too revealing. What my mom didn't know I had extra set of outfits in my car because I knew my mom was very old fashioned and wanted me to be covered from head to toe. I would changed my clothes at my friend's home and have the clothes I came out in my car when I need to change back into them when I had entered home this way I don't get caught from my mom. You are young you need to find ways and means to look better when you're out with your friends and you know we compete to see who dresses better and how we look by appearance. I remember at the Celebrities night club if my friend and I didn't like a certain guy who asked us for our name we