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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Samlip Man Joo (Chest Nut Bread)

I found this bread funny from the look at the picture when I had purchase it was deceiving thinking the bread was big. After I had receive it being delivered to my home I was laughing because the size was tiny and someone who was much bigger than me can just put the bread inside their mouth in one eating. Of course for me it took two bites to actually finish it up the chestnut is in the center of the bread not bad for a small piece being moist from the outside was something I have never tried before one reason I wanted to try it. I love eating chestnut never seen it in a bread for the price sold PHP 15.00 ($0.30) 23g.  Samlip Man Joo (Chest Nut Bread) is a Korean bread.  I had purchase it at  Assi Fresh Plaza Inc in Eton through Grab Mart. Note: I am not selling or advertising the Samlip Man Joo (Chest Nut Bread). If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.

Honey Butter Chip Fromage Blanc

I was wondering why Honey Butter Chips is popular and have seen it at the grocery but never attempt to get a bag. I have seen other people grab a bag or two and place it in their shopping cart. Out of curiosity I decided to purchase mine online recently when I had bought instant noodles from Assi Fresh Plaza Inc through Grab Food sold for PHP 90.00 ($1.80). There are a variety of flavors sold on Honey Butter Chips worldwide. After opening the bag and trying it for myself to see what it had taste like was having a honey butter chip with formage blanc cheese in your mouth was overwhelming good and realize why lots of people are eating their chips. Something that want you to try their other flavors when the time comes available in your area. Note: I am not selling or advertising for Limited Edition Calbee Honey Butter Chip Fromage Blanc. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.

Golden Grape Rejuvenating Serum Infused

  Last November my mom called me up telling me about a beauty treatment she saw post in Facebook she asked me to look into it. Sometimes you read comments from other people who have said they have tried the product and how there was a change in their face after using it with a before and after picture. Does the product really work for everyone having their own beauty flaws on your face? Being unable to go out during our pandemic and not use too not getting our facial treatments on our face we come to a point wanting to purchase items we often see people talk about and take the opportunity when the item goes on sale. There was a promo buy one get one free for PHP 997.00 ($19.94) with cash on delivery and free shipping to your location. All you need to do is message  Belle Asia for their product being interested to place your order online with a given form to fill up a form to give the following details: FULL NAME ADDRESS POSTAL CODE NUMBER OF ORDER CONTACT NUMBER You will recei

WouldULike Specialty Coffee in Salapan, Philippines

  We often see people post dalgona coffee during our pandemic months. Rather than making it on my own I decided to try ordering at WouldULike Specialty Coffee in Salapan, Philippines to try their dalgona latte taste like your drinking a white rabbit candy. I am also a fond of sweet potato which is kamote in the Philippines. I have never tried it made as a sweet potato latte something that caught my eye glancing at the menu. The taste is rich and can taste all the sweet potato inside with a milky texture just when you’re drinking a latte. Something to try if you’re like me who love sweet potato you will certainly enjoy this drink. Cookies and Cream Frappe in full cream and normal sweet taste like having a cookie crumble with vanilla and other ingredients although it is really yummy. The interesting part it is inside a can being opened up just shown in the picture and there is a tip once you have open the can turn it around to hold your straw in place is something I read in

Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun

  You feel like traveling to South Korea and want to eat some instant food there is nowhere to go wrong by stocking up on instant noodles in your pantry. I've already tried Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun in a package where you need to cook on your stove top although you can also find it in a cup by just adding water indicating how much hot boiling water need to be added in the cup. Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun is a mild ramen soup you can add egg in your soup if you feel like it this time I didn't add any egg. There are some seaweed floating in the soup and corn floating in the soup base. I had purchase my Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun from  Assi Fresh Plaza Inc through Grab Mart a place where you can have your groceries delivered to your home during our pandemic months. Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun is sold PHP 62.00 ($1.24) per cup. However Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun are sold in other countries within your location it can be eaten elsewhere. Note: I am not selling Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun j

Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun Seafood

  Today I will venture on instant food made only in Korea due to our weather being cold. I feel like eating some soup, side dishes and snacks only made within what the K-drama are often eating when we watch their shows. I haven't tried this instant soup made by Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun Seafood with Beef and Seafood Flavor. I had purchase this from  Assi Fresh Plaza Inc. Eton  from Grab Food to be delivered to my home. It is sold per package PHP 46.00 ($0.92). I had cooked my Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun Seafood with one piece of egg by adding it last just following the instructions on the package and if you're like me cannot understand Korean. I had boiled three and a half cup of water once water has boiled added the noodles, seasoning package and added the egg during the process of being cooked. I had transfer it to a serving bowl your soup is cooked best to eat while it is hot doesn't taste good when the noodles becomes soggy. Nongshim Ansung Tang Myun Seafood is spicy for