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Carmina's Progress for Swimsuit Challenge Summer 2023

Carmina's only problem is her tummy fats. I am almost there. The advantages for me I get a massage from Mary Ann weekly and a way our blood vessel starts to flow from our body. Mary Ann is able to remove all the knots and pain after you've exercise.  I am the lucky one since I have started since year 2020. I've already aware what exercise works for me. Plus, I've added walking around the neighborhood for thirty minutes or one hour depending on the weather conditions.  We have option to different type of exercise by searching online to see which are the best that makes us sweat continually. Mary Ann and I have been sharing which routine we are following giving each of us support in what we do daily. We have our own support team. Observation: For myself I have notice whatever weight you are there are tummy fats what food you eat doesn't matter only if you add exercise in your daily life. I weigh 119 pounds. However, the clothing and my waistline is the same no matter

Life Growing Up

In every childhood people grow up with different ways of discipline from our parents. We may have good or bad memories that keep our guard down. We tend to bring that up when you have your own kids. There are people like us who want to break that tradition and give our kids a greater opportunity that our parents couldn't give us when we're young. Like anyone else I didn't grow up with a perfect family. There are up and downs just like a roller coaster. You tend to experience from the right and wrong. While other people are traveling with their families during summer vacation or the holiday. Our cash flow is limited and we don't have the opportunity what may our other friends have with their family. As we grow up we tend to compare what they have and what you don't have. Growing up in the 80's was different we didn't have social media, phones, video games stuff what our kids have right now. I remember going to the library to borrow record or ta

Bring Out the Old Negatives to Life

As the generation change the technology becomes more challenging to most people who are not use to it. There are some people who are still using a camera just like in the olden days.  I was cleaning out my attic and found some film negatives that I kept away from so many years from my childhood. I had search online to check if there are still photo shops that can still develop my film negatives. All my friends we're laughing at me thinking it is impossible. I started calling photo shops near my area. They had informed me they no longer do it. I didn't want to let my memories that shared my life during my childhood years to become a waste. I couldn't remember my pictures as I was glancing through the film under the light of my laptop. I didn't want to stop searching online. I found out you can actually use a special scanner for your negatives.  I checked online where to buy this sort of scanner. I started checking online to see if there we&#