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Carmina's Home Improvements by Adding Multi-Layer Shelf Standing Storage Cabinet Space Saving

We all know moving to a new environment is a difficult decision. When a home has been vacant for one year there are items that no longer function property. Only way to know what works and doesn't is to actually live in the home. We grow up raised to clean our homes and make it organized. Moving into a home you see things that may distract yourself by figuring out what needs to be done. Manang V had asked if she can have my kitchen table when I left the previous home. I figured the time I had assemble that old table was during my pandemic years. I decided to make another purchase for a kitchen table that is a bit taller in height. I felt having to many appliances can add on to your room. Carmina made her purchase from  Amaia Furniture  Shopee Philippines. I have made a purchase from them in the past. The type of table I had purchase in their descriptions was the  Amaia Furniture Multi layer Shelf Standing Storage Shelf Cabinet Space saving Microwave Oven Rack  for 1,320.00 pesos not

Chicharon from Cabanatuan City, Philippines

Chicharon is made from fried pork also called pork rinds in other places. Otherwise in the Philippines it is called chicharon where you dip it with vinegar or spicy vinegar with hot chili peppers. Sometimes they eat this while they would be drinking alcohol or just a snack just like how you eat chips. We also add chicharon to our vegetable dish called pinakbet which is mixed vegetables. This is not your common chicharon you see often people selling it are something different with no pork meat inside as well it is very thin and crispy. It can be bought inside the Public Market in Cabanatuan City located where they sell longanisa. My Aunt always gives this to me every time she would visit her home town. Too bad you cannot bring this to another country so when you come and visit the Philippines make sure you try and look for this chicharon from Cabanatuan City only sold there.

Filipino Desserts Made By Dolor's Kakanin

No time to make a dessert and you are expecting guest in your home no problem you can order a Filipino dessert from  Dolor's Kakanin and book it online to have delivered in your home. Anyone love to serve dessert but when time is in a hurry we can choose by picking off from the menu there are so many to choose from our favorite is maja blanca.

Dressing Up Your Mountain Bike with a Set of Rims

You would never know that a mountain bike also needs rims for their added feature to make their bike different than others. We have known people who have money that love to fix up their grown up toy to the next level by having new upgraded features added to their mountain bike. I am not into this item but someone at home is into these types of stuff and when you show me a part that can upgrade your mountain bike to look expensive and to add something different based on an ordinary mountain bike you would think when they stop adding new features. In the Philippines people like to put their money or saving on their grown up bike to dress it up.  I even have known friends who own more than one mountain bike to them it is based on what color, style they feel like riding on the day they feel like riding a bike. We know other people like to match their clothing from head to toe while these people are almost the same way just they are matching their cycling clothes with their helmet, ge

Accessorize Your Mountain Bike Before the Real Ride

We love to accessorize ourselves when we dress up same goes for your mountain bike you want to make sure your completely prepare for the time when you can ride your bike outside. There are a lot of gadgets and other things you can add onto your handle bar to make sure you are safe when you're on your mountain bike I will be explaining which ones you might consider buying for yourself just in case you're like me getting excited to go out and explore when we have a chance too. But before you decide you need to consider thinking about your phone whether it is water resistant or not you may consider getting a water resistant phone case and those who have a water resistant phone make sure your case is shock proof in case it falls flat on the ground while riding your mountain bike. For your mobile phone if you’re like me you want to bring it along just in case of emergency purpose or for reason you want to take a picture or video during your ride you will need a Smartphone bike mount

Gear for Vlog

I have a lot of family and friends who are requesting me to start doing vlog but in order to start it off we need to buy our gear in order to produce the right video and no one really use camera to make a video we can now use our own phone but before we can begin we need to purchase the right gadgets in order to make a video professional. I did my own research and found out there are stabilizer monopod that you can use with a Bluetooth that connects to your phone. There is also a grip handle with a stabilizer for your phone and there are so many types of brands and what type you want and in order to find out which is best for your needs you need to consider what type is best for the size of your phone. At first it is mind breaking to do research to see which items are best for you to use and I am the type who use is too using a selfie monopod so I am considering using something I am use to using when I am taking a video. The items are not inexpensive there are range of prices and

Capture Your Fears to Over Come

We grow up when our parents use to tell us the word NO when we are not allowed to do anything when we're young and when we reach certain adulthood we want to break the rules to do the things that we're not allowed to do when we're younger. Or we figured we're old enough to break the fears and things we would like to overcome because we feel we are older and matured it is time to overcome something that has affected us before to get it over and do it with someone. It can be our partner in crime or a best friend you have to do it together but whomever you're with you will be sharing the same experience with each other. Sometimes people who are older they have some sort of bucket list of things they want to do things some of their parents restricted them and said NO to for example some parents prohibit us to ride a motorcycle feeling something bad would happen to us with an accident. Often you see grown men or women buying a motorcycle to get out and try somethin