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Easy Carrot Fries Recipe for Air Fryer

People say carrots are for rabbits.  Carmina decided to make her carrots the healthy way. Easy Carrots Fries for Air Fryer Ingredients: 2 - Pieces of Carrots (washed, peel and slice into thin slices) Olive Oil Garlic Powder Preparing: Add the olive oil and garlic powder let it sit for twenty minutes to absorb on both sides of the carrots. Cooking: Place it on your tray of your air fryer making sure there is space.  Cook in the setting what is instructed for fries. I cooked mine for ten minutes no need to turn it over. I had to use the air fryer two times since there wasn't room to fill the whole tray. Dipping Sauce: Honestly, I prefer ranch dressing since didn't have it available just used ketchup of course depending on your preference. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for ingredients to make carrot fries. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

What is the taste of Gold Medal Taiwan Beer from other beer products?

What is the taste of Gold Medal Taiwan Beer from other beer products? I was able to take a sip of the beer to see what was the difference from other beer products it doesn't have an after taste of sour bread from other beers I have tasted in the past I asked an expert who drinks beer often. Manang V said it is light and can drink by itself without adding any chaser with it. Every time Manang V drinks any beer made in the Philippines she will always mix it with Coke for her chaser. What ingredient is in Taiwan beer? The ingredients are water, malt, ponlai rice and hops. The best part being made of ponlai rice doesn't affect those who want to drink who have arthritis or gout they can still walk the next day. Taiwan beer has an alcohol level of 5% not too strong. Although it is 5% you can slowly get tipsy in which Manang V had told me after she had finished one can on her own. I had purchased the Gold Medal Taiwan Beer from  Hongkong_house  for the price per can PHP 65