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Carmina's Review on Second Branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City

We have friends who love to eat out and have no clue where there are places to dine.  No problem with based on my experience we can refer them to places that are reasonable prices. Carmina had tried Sundays Cafe in the branch located in Marikina. I was informed by the server they will be opening their second location sometime this year. Few days ago, Mom Violy, Carmina and some friends came with us to see the new branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City. There is parking in front of the restaurant.  We walked in and noticed a sign saying it was a soft opening. The place was full yet they we're able to accompany us to our table on the ground floor. Someone working there gave us a tour upstairs where the function rooms to those having a party.  The restroom is unisex the first door has the handicap and two restroom doors for male and female to use. The two menus were handed to us one is Filipino and International food.  Next the utensils, napkins, glass water p

Nature's Grace Ginger Oil Pain Reliever 500ml

Carmina found the right massage oil and decided to try different brands made of ginger ingredient finding out it is healthy for you. Mary Ann said there are massage oil that can dry up your skin. Carmina's favorite is the smell is ginger. I cannot seem to handle the smell of something strong with floral scent. I am not really a person who likes anything strong the scent makes me feel dizzy. I'd rather stick to a scent that doesn't put my mind feeling uncomfortable. Carmina was able to purchase that is rather a bigger amount with a reasonable price of PHP 285.00 ($5.18) not including shipping and handling. Gracy Lopez  sells a variety of oil in case you would like to try something else for yourself. Mary Ann had informed Carmina she uses a lot of oil to reach my deep tissue. Carmina figured there is no way Mary Ann can finish 500 ml of Nature's Grace Ginger Oil right away being massage twice a week. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Ginger Oil from Gracy Lo

New Spinach Lasagna from Landers Central

It is Payday a time to treat ourselves for a meal. Carmina came across and finding out Landers Central has a New Spinach Lasagna and decided to order through Grab Food. New Spinach Lasagna came in a plastic container with plastic utensils.   It doesn't have any sauce which seem something quite different what we don't normally see. Yet there is rich taste of bechamel sauce covered with cream cheese with spinach layered along.  New Spinach Lasagna is by piece for PHP 332.00 ($6.04) not including delivery fee. The price at Landers Central in person maybe a different price. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for New Spinach Lasagna from Landers Central. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Carmina Gained 2,208 Followers Just in Month of January 2023

Starting January 1st, I started with 1,292 Followers in Carmina Lifestyle. On January 5th, I've reached 1.5K Followers after 6 days later it went up to 2K Followers.  January 13th, 2023, I had reached 4K Following hoping it would switch off to move from my Followers. What really count is our Followers to gain from our challenge and goals from having our Facebook Page. January 13, 2023, started getting restrictions from activities in her Facebook and it had affected my personal account since it is linked together. January 17th, 2023, I got blocked removing total activities inside my Facebook. I didn't let it affect me I went to Bulacan and met my Top Fans in person. After 14 days on January 19, 2023, reached 2.5K Followers after having too many activities I got restricted again. People who didn't quite understand had sent me personal messages asking what had happened to me. Some people felt I did a crime that made them concern about my activities.  January 24, 2023, nothing