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Relieves for People with Arthritis and Gout Pains

Mom Violy has been complaining that her arthritis on her knee is bothering her. People who are dealing with arthritis or gout have the same pain feeling any part of their bodies. Carmina decided to let Mom Violy try something new to see if it would cure the pain she was feeling. Mom Violy had rubbed the Original Arthritis Cream Tendon Sheath Ointment Pain Reliver. Mom Violy said she can feel the heat and not being sticky putting it on. There is no bad smell in it. Mom Violy said it was able to relieve her pain while walking at the shopping mall. Mom Violy asked Carmina where Original Arthritis Cream Tendon Sheath Ointment Pain Reliver did, she find from  Beauty Lab by HDPH  for PHP 137.00 ($2.45). Those who have gout can also use this product also can be purchased from Beauty Lab by HDPH for PHP 107.00 ($1.91) not including shipping and handling. Of course, you also need to maintain what food you're eating to completely remove pain from your arthritis and gout. NOTE: Carmina is not

Day 7: Dinner Pizza Cruise in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Last dinner with our tour group as we all separate and say our good bye. Tips: You are traveling with a senior they are not able to cope with the pressure moving one hotel to another. They don't have the patience and you will deal with complain. They get hungry and frustrated easily. I learned to bring extra snacks on the tour bus. We had so many stop over which was necessary needs to for people riding with us.  I learned you need to have a lot of coins in handy there is a charge every time you use their restroom. The advantage even if you use their restroom in gas station you can convert your ticket stub to buy something in return at their convenient store.  It is best to have a power bank along with you during your trip, some tour bus allow you to charge your phone during the bus ride.

Day 7: Walking Around in Amsterdam

It is time to explore on our own before we have our dinner together with our Expact Tour. Let's have a snack before our dinner!

Day 7: Ruks Museum Amsterdam

We have a free day to explore on our own pace with a time limit what time we need to meet our tour group.

Day 7: Windmill, Amsterdam, Neitherlands

This is my new friend Liza whom I have met during our tour we had a lot in common we love bringing our selfie monopod and taking pictures that time we also had the same model phone. As the days getting to know each other we have kept in touch other than Facebook to connect all my new friends.