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Showing posts from December 28, 2019

Yssa has Accepted New Challenge Trade 10k with Carmina in Poppo Live

The only way to expose your friends to have some experience is to challenge themselves. Yssa was able to practice sending me gifts worth 3k and 5k in Poppo Live. I wanted her to get excited receiving gifts from doing a 10k trade. I remember when I just started doing Poppo Live it was an exciting feeling to receive gifts and see it on your screen. The objects floating it is a life experience. Carmina had informed Yssa there are only two that she can picked from Love Doll and Cheers. Yssa said the Love Dolls look cute. Carmina sent the Cheers either way Yssa can see how they both look on the screen. Carmina next challenge for Yssa is to trade 20k it will increase each time. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Poppo Live application. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

New Year's Celebration

New Year is just around the corner as we begin preparing ourselves to a brighter year. We have remove some of our baggage in our back and made a list what we what to expect from the year to come. As we start to begin our new life and new people we will meet as we plan a new travel agenda in our life. We begin to realize the things we have accomplished and the things we want to make it better. Sometimes you miss your family and friends and you wish they can come and visit you. Too bad they cannot enter inside your Facebook messenger and just enter inside just like in the movie. Too bad we can’t use a time machine and wouldn’t that be so cool. I know it is not possible you need fly to see your family and friends who lives faraway that you can’t drive to see them. Sometimes in life when you are in need the people who are willing to help you are the people who are not related to you. Sometimes in our life we are not close to our family members or they l