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Relieves for People with Arthritis and Gout Pains

Mom Violy has been complaining that her arthritis on her knee is bothering her. People who are dealing with arthritis or gout have the same pain feeling any part of their bodies. Carmina decided to let Mom Violy try something new to see if it would cure the pain she was feeling. Mom Violy had rubbed the Original Arthritis Cream Tendon Sheath Ointment Pain Reliver. Mom Violy said she can feel the heat and not being sticky putting it on. There is no bad smell in it. Mom Violy said it was able to relieve her pain while walking at the shopping mall. Mom Violy asked Carmina where Original Arthritis Cream Tendon Sheath Ointment Pain Reliver did, she find from  Beauty Lab by HDPH  for PHP 137.00 ($2.45). Those who have gout can also use this product also can be purchased from Beauty Lab by HDPH for PHP 107.00 ($1.91) not including shipping and handling. Of course, you also need to maintain what food you're eating to completely remove pain from your arthritis and gout. NOTE: Carmina is not

The Wiggly Penguin

  Carmina was feeling very thristy she couldn't decide which from the three flavors she wanted to try out first. Carmina ended up ordering Lychee Milk with Nata De Coco, Buko Fresh Fruit Shake and Buko Lychee Fresh Fruit Shakes Premium from being all her favorite fruits at The Wiggly Penguin. Carmina was amazed there was actually a Lychee Milk something she wanted to try on her own and the tastes is delicious and refreshing. Carmina wasn't full that she went to the next to see how the Buko Fresh Fruit Shake taste. It was too sweet for her and thinking maybe she just finished her Lychee Milk giving her a second try to see how it would taste giving some space from hours to spare for the day. Carmina's favorite is the Lychee Milk with Nata De Coco and Buko Lychee Fresh Fruit Shakes Premium. Lychee Milk with Nate De Coco PHP 95.00 ($1.90) for a large Buko Lychee Fruit Shakes Premium PHP 105.00 ($2.11) medium Buko Fresh Fruit Shake PHP 85.00 ($1.70) medium Strawberry Peach Passi

Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas and Fried Chicken from Lola Cafe

Carmina was missing home cooked meals and the one she was craving for is Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas. The last time someone cooked Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas was Mom Nikki who treat me like her real daughter. Mom Nikki said I remind of her daughters that live across the miles in another country. Mom Nikki looks at me she said my personality is just like her daughter back home and the way I act is exactly like her twins. Carmina was looking for Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas the only way to find it was by searching in Grab Food that had catered in Filipino dishes cooked just like home. Lola Cafe popped up being the first on the list that had Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas. Carmina had placed her order for PHP 400.00 ($ 8.00) including with packaging fee arriving in two plastic containers. The best thing is that Lola Cafe gives you two servings of Salmon Belly Sinigang sa Bayabas to them it is labeled extra soup. Guess what there is even vegetables and salmon inside not ju