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Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights

Who is craving for Burgers and fries?   Hopefully you're into something new to eat at Smash It: Burger & More in Marikina Heights.  I had ordered it through Grab Food application on my phone.  The following orders were as followed: Double BBQ Bacon Smash Burger requested for no sauce and vegetables for PHP 207.20 with Curly Fries PHP 169.00 plus a Red Iced tea PHP 49.00 total of PHP 425.20 ($7.59). Double Caramelized Smash Burger for PHP 249.00 with French Fries with Homemade Ketchup PHP 99.00 total of PHP 348.00 ($6.21). I had ordered myself the Buffalo Chicken Poppers for PHP 189.00 ($3.38) the serving was big. I couldn't quite finish it very spicy even if it says mild on the label on the box. I used my ranch dressing to minimize the heat coming from my mouth. I wanted to try their Apple Cinnamon Tart for two pieces for PHP 129.00 ($2.30) the apple cinnamon tart wasn't sweet something good to add vanilla ice-cream if you wanted too. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or adv

Red Velvet Cup Cakes Box of Six Pieces from Mylene's Ensaymada and Banana Cake

Carmina gave Mom Violy one piece of cheese ensaymada to try just in case she would like to purchase some in the future during her birthday celebration at her home. Mom Violy called up Carmina asking her to purchase her some ensaymada per one dozen. Carmina decided to try out their red velvet cup cakes that are sold by six pieces. Carmina had enjoyed the red velvet cup cakes not being too sweet remind her of the texture of a sponge cake with cream cheese frosting. The best part when it had arrived. The red velvet cup cakes we're taped on the box being separated from each other during the process being handed over to the Grab rider to your location. Mylene's Ensaymada and Banana Cake made each six pieces secured arriving to you which is a great way to be able to give them for a gifts in the future for PHP 340.00 ($6.80) not including delivery fee from Grab Food and tip to the rider. To refer their  Official Site  click at the link given and to read what else Carmina has tried fro

New Truffle Roast Chicken with Spinach Mashed Potato and Buttermilk Sauce from Kenny Rogers Roasters Philippines

Carmina wanted to eat grilled chicken came across ordering at Kenny Rogers Roaster in the Philippines. Carmina saw a new item that is Truffle Roast Chicken with Spinach Mashed Potato and Buttermilk Sauce. Carmina had ordered a Solo a Truffle Roast that comes with one choice of any side dish. I had decided upon trying the spinach mashed potato for PHP 295.00 ($5.90) not including delivery fee from Grab Food and tip to the rider. Solo a Truffle Roast Chicken includes one cup of rice, cornbread, Spinach Mashed Potato side dish, and quarter size truffle roast chicken and buttermilk sauce. Carmina's review on Truffle Roast Chicken with Spinach Mashed Potato and Buttermilk Sauce The truffle roast chicken reminds me the dish Mom Violy use to make when growing up in California. The sauce is has a buttery mixture of mushroom not too strong can easily be eaten with your truffle roasted chicken. Spinach Mashed Potato is mixed with potato, spinach and cheddar cheese being soft by texture doesn