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Lola Ofring's Delight Cashew Nuts

Carmina has been looking for affordable prices for cashew nuts. I've checked at the grocery stores, and they are too expensive. Random I went online at Shopee Philippines and was able to find  Lola Ofring's Delight  having a bundle deal. Carmina ended up ordering one set includes roasted, adobo and spicy flavored cashew nuts. The one I liked the most was the adobo flavored it had some garlic bits inside. The bundle was sold for 400.00 pesos not including shipping and handling fee delivered to your location. Lola Ofring's Delight also accept resellers for those who want to earn an income from selling cashew nuts. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for cashew nuts sold at Lola Ofring's Delight from Shopee Philippines. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

American Girl with Slang Tagalog Accent

Recently, I had added my old friends whom I grew up when I was younger and while they we're watching my videos I had posted my friend made a comment did you adapted the accent of a Filipina because your voice sound so different. I never had a slight feeling my voice was different may be I have been living in the Philippines since year 2008 and to me I had to adjust myself when I only understood Tagalog in what my parents taught me when I was really young. I also spoke English and during the time I had moved it wasn't really spoken much here. I had a difficult talking to the employees who was living in the same house with different languages from their province in the Philippines. You start living in the Philippines for a long time you end up picking up words your employee tell you as well on your own when you listen to Tagalog music and Tagalog movies no matter what you can pick it up easily when you are inspired to learn. The funny part my mom, my sister and I all s

Skimming the Post

As the month of May is approaching people keep thinking I will be traveling again to California to be with my family and friends where I get to really explore. A funny thing happen to me last night someone asked me are you pushing through your trip next month and are you sure about it. Than the same person said, I’ve made a list of stuff to buy me when you reach there. I was thinking in my mind who told you I was traveling this year. So, I told the person I am not crazy to fly and get covid -19 on the plane. I never told you I am flying this year. I said, year 2021. This is what I realized people only pay attention to certain details since month of May is approaching people assume it is next month when they hear May. I have notice this too when I am posting picture and videos that have already been dated when taken people don’t read it as well. I had one relative asked, me I saw your video with Ruth’s voices with Manang Ofel in the background and Rutheyn’s in

Chapter 17: Shivering Feeling

Michelle had belongings left behind in the home of Jack in order to get it she went with him to get it. Michelle had entered the home of Jack she had a feeling she didn’t want to enter a home that gave her memories that was too painful to open her broken heart. From that point she realize she was just in an illusion in her mind she wanted to return back with Jack because she was thinking of the good memories they had shared. In her heart she was broken apart as she entered the home she remember all the moments she had cried alone in the bathroom seating down not knowing what to solve her problems feeling she was left alone. Michelle realized something that phobia she had in her heart been something she couldn’t explain to anyone and she couldn’t figure it out why she had felt the way she did. As she grabbed all her personal belonging and rush out from the home with Jack he brought her to back to his mom’s home. Jack had prepared Michelle’s room since his parents are too

Chapter 16: Denial Stage

There are times when you come out in a relationship and you passed through a denial stage when you feel like you have moved on but you have this sort of feeling that is kept in back of your mind and in your heart hasn’t really fully gotten over with Jack. Every day when Jack calls you up you still have that feeling excitement in your heart and you begin to think about the memories you have shared and on and off you delete him from your social account and ask him to be your friend again as you encounter this unsolved feelings toward him you don’t know how you can fully release him out from your heart. In front of you there is Michael who has everything you wanted in a relationship but in your heart you have unsolved feelings for Jack and you’re not sure how can you fully focus your life back to him and fully move on. As you consult your friend through video call you find it hard to admit you have unsolved feelings for Jack as you say bad things about him but those words me