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Boneless Milkfish with Tofu and Vegetable Lumpia Recipe

Long time ago Carmina use to cook a lot being independent picking what dishes you wanted to make into a meal. There is no rule how you can make a dish when passion comes to your cooking. The free of picking the right ingredients and what is season what makes a dish easy. We go based on what is on sale and in season because this is our way being practical.  Sometimes when we enter inside the grocery store, we have our written grocery list. Often, we walk around finding random vegetables that wasn't on our list. When the item is on sale we tend to grab and make something a part of our meal. Some people say not to shop when feeling hungry because we'll begin to grab unnecessary items that wasn't necessary.  Coming home unpacking what we have purchase begin to think ahead what we want to make a meal. The ideas begin endless not sure what dishes we want to cook.  Majority of our ingredients can be cooked so many ways. Today, I will be using boneless belly bangus milk fish with t

Chicken with Asparagus Recipe

The asparagus in the Philippines are much skinny compared to the ones in another country. Chicken with Asparagus Recipe Ingredients: 1 - Whole chicken (slice per parts) or 1 pack of choice of chicken parts 1 - Chicken broth cubes  2 - Tbsp Patis (fish sauce) 1 – Bunch of Asparagus (sliced 1 inch) 2 - Cloves Garlic (chopped) 1/2 - Onion (chopped) Black Pepper to taste 4 - Cup Water Small amount cooking oil Medium Pot Step 1: Add small amount cooking oil in hot pot add onions, garlic and patis mix together Add sliced chicken Add water and chicken broth cube Add asparagus Season with black pepper Cook for 25 minutes