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Carmina's Experience in Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines

Carmina wanted her niece to experience something different being able to spend it with her Nana. (Mom Violy) Anyone who is willing to try something adventerious with their grandchildren will try to be brave enough to walk on the hanging bridge. They don't realize it when walking on and having family and best friend support them. Mom Violy and Tita Edna was getting scared when they had reach the middle of the hanging bridge. Carmina had to make sure Mom Violy was alright by walking in back of her. Reaching to 360 View is the reward being able to see the full view of how Antipolo look from the top.   Carmina and Elle stayed on top by taking pictures slowly going down the stairs to reach the bottom to meet with Mom Violy and Tita Edna. Keep following us where Tita Edna will bring us to another location inside Cloud 9 in Antipolo, Philippines. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines. Tips: Wear comfortab

Chicken Inasal Pepper Rice from Pepper Lunch Philippines

Carmina is back in motion trying new food that she had missed out from the two months when she was gone. Just to be healthy and find food that you can order from restaurants you know about what may have changed when you went on travel mode. Carmina found that  Pepper Lunch Philippines  has somewhat a popular dish that is available for you to try the Chicken Inasal (grilled chicken) Pepper Rice for PHP 335.00 ($5.98). Consider it just a meal that has everything with fried rice and chicken inasal in one bowl can fill you up. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertertising for food served at Pepper Lunch Philippines. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Single Crunchy BBQ Bacon King from Burger King Philippines

Just when you're feeling homesick missing the food backed from California. No problem Carmina was able to solve her cravings after she discovered Burger King Philippines has somewhat close to a western burger from Carl's Jr. The only difference instead of fried onion rings it is has crispy fried onions inside which made it even better to try something new for a change. Carmina just ordered the smaller version being the junior size of PHP 149.00 ($2.66) without the meal by just adding side order of large fries for PHP 85.00 ($1.63). Carmina was able to solve her cravings from burger that we are use to eating somewhere else. I am back in the Philippines we can find another place that can make us at ease to find food something close to our home in California. Burger King Philippines  is a branch coming from the United States it is easy to find a meal what you miss back from your vacation. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising food served at Burger King Philippines. Subscribe

Breakfast Rush in Marikina Heights

Feeling for a mood a quick and easy way to have a breakfast when feeling lazy to cook. There are so many options is to click away from your Grab application on your phone and check out Breakfast Rush located at Marikina Heights. Breakfast Rush has a variety of food between the Filipino or Korean dishes based on if you want with rice or bread to start your day. Basilog with bacon, sunny side up egg, cheese sauce over garlic rice for PHP 169.00 ($3.02). Bacon & Egg Sandwich with milk bread, scramble egg, bacon, tomato, parmesan cheese and garlic aioli for PHP 159.00 ($2.94). Korean Egg Sandwich with milk bread, scramble egg, beef bulgogi, kimchi and umamai sauce for PHP 249.00 ($4.45). Carmina felt there was so many toppings inside it is kind of over flowing for me. Yet it seems to be a trend right now having these kind of milk bread with a lot of ingredients inside it can be a bit messy to eat. Breakfast Rush doesn't have an official website however you can find it at Grab websi