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Tips How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task

Living in the world of digital creator we have a weekly assignment to accomplish. Meta gives us a challenge to complete it within the seven days. The assignment is to find new friends that will become your follower. Everyone's challenge is all different depends on your rank in Facebook. Here is an example what I need to accomplish within the 7 days. Tips: How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task There is a new system in Facebook where your followers can INVITE you to follow their friends. In Facebook you will receive a notification it is up to you would like to follow them or not. Just to let you know majority these people are only after follow to follow just to achieve their fifty followers. If you'll ask me, I'd rather pick the right new friends that have the common interest as well willing to engage in what you have post daily to build up your score in Facebook. Our comments counts when we are doing our weekly task. Other times you'll receive a list of Pend

Repolyo with Shrimp Recipe

Repolyo in English means cabbage cooked in shrimp and sometimes I eat this with instant noodles to add flavor in your soup to add fresh vegetables otherwise you can eat it as it is made with fried fish, chicken or any source of meat you want to combine the dish together. Repolyo with Shrimp Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 - Repolyo - cabbage (chopped) 1/2 - Cup Shrimp (peel, remove shell and head) 1 - Riped Tomato (chopped) 1 - Onion (chopped) 2 - Cloves Garlic (minced) Patis - (fish sauce) to taste 1/2 Cup - Water Cooking Instructions: In a pan pour small amount of cooking oil when hot add garlic, onion and tomato saute it then add shrimp, cabbage to season with patis. Simmer to cook until cabbage is cooked. Ready to serve on a serving plate Optional There are days you feel like eating instant soup you can add the left over to your soup to add vegetables and sunny side up egg.

Capture the Kid in Yourself No Age Matters

The fun only begins when you travel with family who are game to be silly when you take a picture together even if you are in a foreign country and you don't care if strangers are looking at you any way they don't know your name and where you live so you cannot be trace for your identity. We love to be silly at times when we take pictures and being the best of life is to express how we feel by pictures making a goofy look. If you don't see me taking a blooper video, being a photo bomber or making faces that is a person you can recognize who I am really is. I am a fun, sweet, caring, thoughtful and full of jokes to give a smile on your faces even if you are having a tough time stress is not healthy but laughter is so why not take life the next level of finding your own happiness and be child like once in a while not unless you want to grow old with wrinkles on your face. The best in people when they don't hide what they feel when you are under a camera because the truth w