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Laughter with Mom Violy, Carmina, Ruel, Neria and Marissa

Mom Violy wanted to get a haircut from Ruel from Hairliners Salon in Ali Mall. She was saying if they are not too busy wanted to get a pedicure.  Ruel had introduce Marissa to Mom Violy who can do her pedicure. Neria had approached me saying she has no client. I was able to get my facial done while Mom Violy was busy having her beauty treatments. Mom Violy had introduced me to Marissa saying they wanted to add each other in Facebook. They had no clue how to do it. Both Mom Violy and Marissa handed their phone to me.  Ruel had informed Marissa that I am doing Poppo Live.  Marissa asked for some pointers how to use the Poppo Live application on her phone. I taught her the basics found out she is in an agency.  I don't understand why her agency is not giving her tips how to use Poppo Live.  Ruel had informed me he would also like to join Poppo Live just been so busy from his work. I told everyone to gather and take pictures together since we've haven't seen each other for a lo

Crab n' Crew Restobar in the Philippines

Just in case you have plans to visit the Philippines or currently living here. I have been exploring and discover places you can eat the best seafood. You can always eat seafood when you are in the provinces of the Philippines. If you have no time there are also restaurant that also carry seafood being cooked for you.  Fried Calamari Fish and Fries Butter Shrimp Butter Crab BBQ Ribs Crab n' Crew Restobar -

La Bella Hotel in Tagaytay, Philippines

Do you feel like going to a place that looks like Greece? I found a hidden gem that was recently opened in Tagaytay the wondrous of a cooler weather call,"La Bella Hotel".  The time I went there the place was still being constructed not much to see. I went when it was raining on and off on the month of July this year.  I don't recommend you booking a room there. The rooms are too small and there are limit things to do in the area. It is just a nice place to take a picture.

Philip Island in Melbourne, Australia

When you do decide to visit Melbourne, Australia make sure you see the popular place called, Philip Island where you can spend the entire day. There is so many things to visit just in one day. The End 

Twelve Apostle Day Tour in Melbourne, Australia

I was told by a family friend not to miss seeing the twelve apostle. I had informed my Aunt who we'll be visiting during our visit where I wanted to go. I also did some research on places to visit during our stay. We went on the month of November. It is suppose to be warm during that month, but for some reason when we had arrived it was super cold and windy. I was told by my Aunt to bring winter clothes with us. We had stopped over to buy our snack before we had headed to the twelve apostle. It turned out the pigeons also wanted to eat our french fries. After a four hour drive to see the   rock formation at the twelve apostle. This is funny my Mom and her friend are not paying any attention to the questions I am asking during my video.