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Tips How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task

Living in the world of digital creator we have a weekly assignment to accomplish. Meta gives us a challenge to complete it within the seven days. The assignment is to find new friends that will become your follower. Everyone's challenge is all different depends on your rank in Facebook. Here is an example what I need to accomplish within the 7 days. Tips: How to Find Your 50 Followers Complete Weekly Task There is a new system in Facebook where your followers can INVITE you to follow their friends. In Facebook you will receive a notification it is up to you would like to follow them or not. Just to let you know majority these people are only after follow to follow just to achieve their fifty followers. If you'll ask me, I'd rather pick the right new friends that have the common interest as well willing to engage in what you have post daily to build up your score in Facebook. Our comments counts when we are doing our weekly task. Other times you'll receive a list of Pend

Easy Cheesy Pesto Pasta Recipe

We have other people who have a different taste bud. We can also make another easy pesto pasta on the same day. If, you don't have a stove top. No problem you can cook your pasta noodles using your rice cooker. All you need to do is add water in the pot, turn on the rice cooker and wait until water begins to boil.  Only add how much pasta based on the size of the rice cooker you'll be using since my rice cooker is only three cups serving. I will use 250 grams of pasta noodles. There is no need to add cooking oil inside the water of your rice cooker. Just make sure you stir it with a wooden spoon or rice spoon while the pasta noodles are being cooked. Best to use your phone to time it for fifteen minutes although it may not be done exactly what you have time on the pasta. Make sure you open the rice cooker lid slightly to prevent water that is boiling to spill out. Pasta noodles are cooked use the strainer that came with the rice cooker to the sink and drain it out, transfer to

Easy Three-Cheese Pasta Recipe

Carmina has a best friend she has been asking what I have been eating. I had informed her I have been cooking pasta noodles in the rice cooker. She was curious how it is possible to cook pasta in your rice cooker. I said, it is easy just add water in the pot where you normally add water and press the bottom by plugging the plug to the socket. The water begins to blow add enough pasta inside for example our packages is by kilo. I only add half kilo to the pot and set my timer for fifteen minutes. I stir it with my rice spoon nothing metal, so it doesn't scratch the rice cooker pot. I don't add any oil, but you can if you want too. Once in a while I check it and open the lid slightly open prevent the water to overflow. Stir it so it doesn't stick the pot next you know it is already cooked. I use the steamer that comes with the rice cooker to strain the pasta noodles. Transfer the cooked pasta in a plastic container and prepare the sauce and toppings to your pasta. In any coun

How will the Swimsuit Challenge benefit you?

Becky was asking Carmina about the swimsuit challenge how it can benefit her.  Carmina said the fact is that you will be comfortable how you look from someone who lost confidence being overweight and now too skinny need to balance the portion of yourself. No one control you how you think it is up to you how you want to pose and show the people how you've change. Who knows there will be someone like you who has no confidence to lose the weight. The only way they see a photo someone who can relate to them. Finally see if can work for them if they really are motivated with courage to overcome the obstacles. Losing too much weight also makes you look sickly. Carmina and Mom Violy have been giving Becky food to eat. A way to balance her body to proportion. The only way you can see yourself is next by another person standing next to each other. Sometimes we have no clue that we don't look healthy especially if there is no money flow to afford food for ourselves. Mary Ann on the other