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Carmina's Review on Second Branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City

We have friends who love to eat out and have no clue where there are places to dine.  No problem with based on my experience we can refer them to places that are reasonable prices. Carmina had tried Sundays Cafe in the branch located in Marikina. I was informed by the server they will be opening their second location sometime this year. Few days ago, Mom Violy, Carmina and some friends came with us to see the new branch of Sundays Cafe and Restaurant in Maginhawa, Quezon City. There is parking in front of the restaurant.  We walked in and noticed a sign saying it was a soft opening. The place was full yet they we're able to accompany us to our table on the ground floor. Someone working there gave us a tour upstairs where the function rooms to those having a party.  The restroom is unisex the first door has the handicap and two restroom doors for male and female to use. The two menus were handed to us one is Filipino and International food.  Next the utensils, napkins, glass water p

Preparing for 2020 in your home the Feng Shui Way

Every Asian people believes in having twelve different kinds of fruits prepared in a basket for New Year’s. It is known Feng Shui they believe it will give them good luck and fortune to the coming New Year to come. Round shape fruits symbolize coin and money and the reason why there are twelve fruits for the representative of our twelve months in a year. During the end of the month of December the prices of the fruits becomes expensive it has always been a tradition to our home to have a fruit basket of variety of fruits.  The fruits used in the basket are the following: .        Oranges Mango Pineapple Asian Pear Persimmon Apple Watermelon Grapes Cantaloupe Longan Fruit Honeydew Cherries Pineapple Plum Pomelo (grapefruit) Peaches Lemon Lychee Papaya Pineapple Some people believe round fruits only give good luck, but other people believe differently not only fruits gives good luck in your home for the next coming year. Some people lay out