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Carmina's Home Improvements by Adding Multi-Layer Shelf Standing Storage Cabinet Space Saving

We all know moving to a new environment is a difficult decision. When a home has been vacant for one year there are items that no longer function property. Only way to know what works and doesn't is to actually live in the home. We grow up raised to clean our homes and make it organized. Moving into a home you see things that may distract yourself by figuring out what needs to be done. Manang V had asked if she can have my kitchen table when I left the previous home. I figured the time I had assemble that old table was during my pandemic years. I decided to make another purchase for a kitchen table that is a bit taller in height. I felt having to many appliances can add on to your room. Carmina made her purchase from  Amaia Furniture  Shopee Philippines. I have made a purchase from them in the past. The type of table I had purchase in their descriptions was the  Amaia Furniture Multi layer Shelf Standing Storage Shelf Cabinet Space saving Microwave Oven Rack  for 1,320.00 pesos not

Enchanted Cave in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Entrance Fee is 150 PHP per person The map of the area Before you enter they provide you a swimming vest to wear There is no time limit to stay inside. It is best to bring a waterproof camera. During the time we had visited it was the month of August and when we came out it started raining. We had no time to roam around and see the other places that was in the map. They provide rooms for you to take a shower and change your clothing. It is best to bring a waterproof backpack with you since when it is raining season we don't know when the weather becomes unpredictable.  Make sure you have a pair of swimming shoes. Remember to bring your own towel, shampoo and soap they don't provide that there.    

Patar White Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Patar White Beach in Bolinao is known for a place close to Boracay because of their white sand. My mom's picture My mom loves taking pictures every time we visit a new place. She brings a variety of clothing in her hand carry. It is filled up with all sort of style.  I feel like I am taking a model doing a photo shoot. Even if she is senior she tend to feel she is young at heart. Yann is her personal assistance and the person who is her director. She instructs her how to pose. As her daughter I am the photographer and the one who takes her stolen shots. As you keep reading my blog you will see a lot of funny moments with my mom. My mom doesn't mind being discovered during her childhood years she was a prom queen. She is use to getting a lot of attention. When you get older you drive for attention when you no longer have a companion at your side. I am the person who is always at her side and that companion to travel. I am enjoyi

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in Bolinao, Pangasinan

In every life no one is really perfect and we make sudden mistakes when we are so excited to play in the water or feel in the mood of excitement and not realizing where we are. This video clip of explains that situation with my friend Yann: Sometimes in life we just want to be left alone with our companion our dog. Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Places to rent in Bolinao, Pangasinan

Every moment in time we all want to be able to take a cool picture under a beautiful view. This was taken in Sual, Pangasian on the month of August when you need to grasp sometimes it will rain and be really humid. Once you catch the best time to head down to the beach.  I have traveled to Bolinao, Pangasinan when during that time my mom wanted to invest a property in front of a beach front. I was able to explore and see the different parts of Pangasinan.  I would like to share it with you.  First of all I use to book my stay from a app called, and found out that they get a certain percentage from the person you would book from the rate is higher. After traveling and visiting the area I met Alona Orlanda Viray who actually has a lot of rentals in that area. The first visit I had booked at her Alona's Traditional Filipino Home Villa. The reason I liked this one is the house was in front of a beach front. This is the