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Carmina's Experience in Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines

Carmina wanted her niece to experience something different being able to spend it with her Nana. (Mom Violy) Anyone who is willing to try something adventerious with their grandchildren will try to be brave enough to walk on the hanging bridge. They don't realize it when walking on and having family and best friend support them. Mom Violy and Tita Edna was getting scared when they had reach the middle of the hanging bridge. Carmina had to make sure Mom Violy was alright by walking in back of her. Reaching to 360 View is the reward being able to see the full view of how Antipolo look from the top.   Carmina and Elle stayed on top by taking pictures slowly going down the stairs to reach the bottom to meet with Mom Violy and Tita Edna. Keep following us where Tita Edna will bring us to another location inside Cloud 9 in Antipolo, Philippines. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for activities inside Cloud 9 Hanging Bridge 360 View in Antipolo, Philippines. Tips: Wear comfortab

Good Nuggets from Shakey's Pizza

Carmina was handed a box of chicken nuggets and went ahead to try it without knowing it was meatless. It didn't quite taste right with the barbecue sauce that was included with five pieces nuggets. Carmina asked someone to try it not sure if it was just my taste buds reacting in a acquired way. Yes, I do eat meatless food yet this wasn't something I can say it was really good. It tasted more of textured vegetable protein extender know for short cut is TVP which is a product we sell. Carmina had to checked  Shakey's Pizza Philippines  had a new item when I was gone for vacation. Yes, it is Good Nuggets with vegan Barbecue sauce. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Good Nuggets served at Shakey's Pizza Philippines. Subscribe & follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Carmina has traveled from Oakland, New York and Tokyo just inside Thigh Joint located at Matalino, Quezon City

  Those who crave for chicken can try Thigh Joint located at Matalino, Quezon City. Carmina was missing out from her travel decided upon trying the Oakland Cheesy Beef Fries it is just the common Animal fries in the United States. Only difference the fries are curly and the sauces are on the side to prevent having it arrived soggy for PHP 195.00 ($3.48) solo size.  Those who cannot travel can just eat some New York Buffalo Nuggets best part it had arrived with the sauce on the side prevention making them soggy for PHP 185.00 ($3.30). Thigh Joint also has the Original Fried Chicken Sandwich with additional of crinkle cut fries total for PHP 265.00 ($4.73). In case you want to travel a bit inside Thigh Joint 's Menu we came across with Tokyo Tebaski Fried Chicken Sandwich with additional total for PHP 265.00 ($4.73). The food is fabulous where even if you eat the nuggets not right away they are still crunchy. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising food served at Thigh Joint loca

Renewing Globe Cellular Contract No Phone Call Needed

Renewing Globe Cellular Contract No Phone Call Needed Carmina was trying to figure out how to renew a contact when signal is really bad where she is currently living. Carmina found out login in at Globe Philippines into her account she had clicked renew asking to type in your mobile number to check if you qualify by sending an OTP on your phone by typing the numbers. Globe Philippines will pull up your file once approved for a renewal you'll be asked to find what PLAN and Phone you would like to add to your cart before you can proceed the next step. Upon ordering your cellphone and plan they will ask you to check the name under the account with address is correct they may ask you to type it again giving you a confirmation number letting you know it will take seven business day. It really doesn't take seven days to be approved in one of my renewal accounts it only took one day receiving a SMS text message on the phone your reconstructing and the phone will be delivered to you fo