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Dear Facebook Team

Dear Facebook Team, The day Carmina kept posting in her Facebook Page is when I was sharing my moment with Yssa. I was informed my reels cannot be published because someone claimed my page was no longer recommended. The strange thing is the account of Carmina Lifestyle has no violation. I had also checked on my Carmina LS which is my personal Facebook account sometimes it would float there as well. Each account is clean without any violation I've complained right now it is under review or what we call investigating. Upon checking my dashboard, I can still receive my income from the stars on my reels.  The following day I had received a notification asking to reply back to people who have made a comment.  You're asking me to do my weekly challenge. It is very confusing when you've placed me on suspended. I would like to know why I am receiving daily notification from my Carmina Lifestyle. How can you possibly do it when you've been restricted? I've never encountered

Ginger Turmeric Oil made in the Philippines

Mary Ann is in town and can start giving Carmina her home service massage. Carmina realized she didn't have any massage oil on hand to use went to look online where she does her shopping. Carmina found  MCI Shopee  Online Shopee Philippines that sells Ginger Turmeric Oil (Super Hot) Pain Reliever made local in the Philippines for PHP 70.00 ($1.37) 100 ml not including shipping and handling fee. Carmina has always been fond of Ginger and Turmeric best thing it can also be rubbed on to your body to relieve all the pains while being massage. The smell is what the description on the bottle. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Ginger Turmeric Oil from MCI Shopee Online Shopee Philippines. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Carmina's Cure for Motion Sickness

Carmina has already stepped foot outside her home realize when you have a long drive. Carmina gets motion sickness to those who have stayed in their home for a long time. You're no longer use to seating in the car for a long time. Carmina felt if she hasn't flew in a plane what more can happen to her. Carmina decided to purchase South Meon Motion Sickness Patch by Car, Plane or Boat to place either on back of your ear or on your belly button. Carmina had ordered her South Meon Motion Sickness Patch from  Motor, Car, Electronic  Online Shopee Philippines for PHP 84.00 ($1.62) not including shipping and handling. Carmina has enough while in the future we have so many travel plans set aside with Mom Violy at least you've come prepared. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for South Meon Motion Sickness Patch from Motor, Car, Electronic Online Shopee Philippines. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Mom's Violy and Carmina's Experience In Person Grocery Shopping

It is overwhelming to do your own grocery shopping in person. You are not use to doing it anymore the tendency you become very tired. Being use too just ordering online for two years seems easier by just clicking and adding items in your basket. You have someone else shopping for you and having it delivered at your home with additional charges. Yet you realize how it is to do it on your own when you're no longer shopping for your own groceries it becomes tiresome having to push the grocery cart, bringing it home and putting it all away. It will just take time for us to move toward shopping on our own. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

International Women's Day - Lunch at Cabalen Restaurant

  Mary Ann and Carmina had planned to meet at Ali Mall to hang out. We both invited someone to come with us. Mary Ann had introduced her friend Janelle to Carmina and Mom Violy. We had clicked so well with her soon we plan to have a road trip in the future. Mary Ann was the one who had decided to eat at Cabalen a Buffet Restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. The reason why Mary Ann had picked Cabalen for their alien dish which Carmina doesn't eat. If you know Carmina she doesn't eat that type of food reason why Mary Ann calls it alien. Here is a short clip food served at  Cabalen Restaurant : For the first time Mom Violy didn't want to take any pictures she was busy eating her lunch. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Cabalen Restaurant located in Ali Mall in Cubao, Quezon City. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share. Thank you for your support!

Carmina's Wellness Self Care - Facial & Diamond Peel

  Every six months Carmina usually has her facial and diamond peel on her face. The place she had missed the most during our pandemic is having our own beauty treatments. Carmina's beauty treatment had prolong waiting for that moment which it had happened on March 8, 2022. Mom Violy was having her haircut. Carmina had her facial and diamond peel from Hairliners Beauty Salon located in Ali Mall, Cubao, Quezon City. Mrs. Neri is the one Carmina always request to do her facial and diamond peel since she knows her face so well. Carmina got rosy cheeks after roaming Ali Mall before she had her facial treatment. The beginning of having my facial treatment as Neri will be cleaning my face. The process takes one hour of your time to have your beauty treatments. The cost for facial is PHP 500.00 ($9.62) and diamond peel is optional if you want to pay additional cost of PHP 500.00 ($9.62). Take a note of what service are done at Hairliners Beauty Salon at your own time. NOTE: Carmina is not

Mom Violy's Wellness Self Care - Haircut after 3 Years

Mom Violy wanted a proper grooming where someone professional can do your haircut for you. Ruel has been cutting Mom Violy's hair for a long time it is located at Hairliners Beauty Salon  in Ali Mall. Mom Violy only does one style on her hair. Mom Violy prefer to have the bob cut where in her back of her head sticks out on the back.  Mom Violy has natural curls on her hair. Here is the price list of Hairliners Promo that is going on at their salon. Watch a short video clip of Mom Violy having the final touch on her haircut. NOTE: Carmina is not selling or advertising for Hairliners Beauty Salon just a place Mom Violy prefer to get her haircut by Ruel. Subscribe & Follow @ Carmina Lifestyle  a place to look, discover and share.