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Life at Age 55 in the United States

Did you know in the United States when you reach 55 years old, you're consider a senior citizen? Carmina realized being one year to become fifty-five years old she can take advantage of the benefits when you're visiting the United States. Certain stores provide a discount when you shop at their store example in Seafood City Supermarket it is 12% from your purchases on every Tuesday. Ross Dress for Less Store every Tuesday is 10% off your purchase. Basically, you can gain a pension from support from the government to apply for low income when you want to start a life living back in the United States if you wanted too without having an income. Just visiting the United States if your 55 years old has a lot of benefits that some people are not aware of for example the friends I've spoken too. Did you know you can purchase a house that is for the 55 years and up for Retirement and 55+ Communities?  Carmina's friends have been informing when you're 55 years old you can co

Haitai Tteokbokgi Snack

I love eating spicy tteokbokgi the cook version and the snack that comes in a bag. Just taste yummy snacking away with the spicy flavor in your mouth to crunch away. You cannot have the rice version you can taste the Haitai Tteokbokgi snack version in your own location. Haitai Tteokbokgi Snack is sold worldwide in the Philippines I had purchase mine at  Assi Fresh Plaza Inc  otherwise you can also buy in other Korean Grocery Store. Haitai Tteokbokgi Snack is sold for PHP 78.00 ($1.56) 110g. Note: I am not selling Haitai Tteokbokgi Snack or advertising for Assi Fresh Plaza Inc. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place to look, discover and share.

Lemon Cola

We know by now that every time Manang V drinks alcohol her chaser is always coke this time around it has a different flavor with a hint of lemon. I was able to try it and take a sip is there no lemon taste. I only taste the coke from it. Manang V said there was an after taste when she tried drinking it alone before pouring her alcohol beverage. One reason I prefer someone else trying the products I purchase online to see what other people would feel from all our taste buds being all different than others I have friends who tell me I am lucky that I can pay new items that is new to everyone and the benefit living in an Asia Countries items becomes available in our area for places you end up shopping for it the great part of doing your food ventures. I made my purchase from  Shop Icon Online Shop in Shopee  sold for PHP 54.00 ($1.08) made from Hong Kong. Note: I am not selling Coca-Cola Lemon or advertising from Shop Icon Online Shop in Shopee. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carm

Hot & Spicy Potato Chips

Manang V and Rodelo are drinking their alcohol beverage I gave them some chips to munch away. I asked Manang V what she thought of the Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips. Manang V said it reminded of the Jack n Jill Chippy Barbecue Corn Chips made local in the Philippines only comparison this is made of potato. It is not hot and spicy at all to me it taste like barbecue flavoring on the potato chips. I thought maybe it was just me but Manang V also felt the same way after eating the chips in her mouth. Rodelo said it wasn't spicy at all for him. For all the spicy chips I have tried this is the first time it wasn't anything what it had said on the package. I had purchase Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips at  Shop Icon Online Shopping in Shopee  for the price of PHP 141.00 ($2.82). Note: I am not selling Calbee Hot & Spicy Potato Chips or advertising for Shop Icon Online Shopping in Shopee. If you have a Facebook click subscribe Carmina Lifestyle - Home | Facebook a place

New Suntory Strong Zero Tri Peach

Today is Sunday for us in the Philippines and every end of the weekend I would give Manang V some alcohol to try to taste test for her to try. Manang V and Rodelo had half of a glass to see what their comparison would be in how the New Suntory Strong Zero Tri Peach had taste to them. Manang V said it taste like wine with a taste of peach. Rodelo just kept saying it was strong even if he is a person who drinks other alcohol beverages. To me from a sip of it had a strong taste that felt it was a medicine after taste. I am not a drinker so it may taste different than other people. One reason I asked Manang V and Rodelo to taste to see what was different from what I had felt from it. The reason I felt there was an after taste from the New Suntory Strong Zero Tri Peach it is low in sugar of 0.05%. Being 9% of alcohol was strong for me who only drink from 3% to 5% although for someone who drinks other alcohol beverages it was strong for Manang V and Rodelo. New Suntory Strong Zero Tri Peach